Upon Awakening, what does One’s Splendid Spiritual Self Really Need To Do?

Upon awakening, what does my Splendid Spiritual Self really need to do?

My mind begins racing with thoughts of the day but how much of that is really needed?

Does my mind control my being or will my spirit lead me through this day?

Is my mind the controller of the day or is my mind simply a working and logical entity to assist and navigate my spirit through another day in a secular, often times confusing world? Why are children killing children in such a sophisticated society such as ours? Why do I continue to overeat when I am overweight and not hungry? Why do I continue to reach out and try to love others when at times it is difficult to love myself? Life is statically complicated yet dynamically simple.

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, why do I need thoughts such as these if I am transitioning to being my Splendid Spiritual Self for the rest of my life?

I know I have things to do to function in the world this day. I have to get up, put on some sort of worldly appearance, and get through my day to live for another day. What would Brahman, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, Jesus, or the Lord our God do with the time, energy, and opportunity that this day gives each one of us?    

Upon awakening, I quiet my mind for a period of prayer and meditation. I am safe and secure for the moment and have no need of my mind right now. As the mind quiets I notice my breath and even my heartbeat. I feel grateful to be alive. My breath, the enabler of life, leads me to my spirit.

Completely now as my Splendid Spiritual Self, I touch base with other always present and always promoted worldly and human entities—my emotions, my ability to speak, and my body.

After all, I have free and if I have free will then I have alternatives and if I have alternatives then I have a choice to make. I choose to pray and meditate and reconfirm and revitalize my Splendid Spiritual Self every morning upon awakening.

Emotions are like thoughts, ever present and even penetrating, my sense of peace, joy, unity, and freedom brought by the recognition of the Splendid Spiritual Self.

What emotions may I identify, accept, and feel at this moment? Spiritually I feel gratitude for the simple fact of being alive and having the opportunity to live another day. But is there a hangover from yesterday or the imprint from a dream so real that I know I lived it and did not imagine it? In the truth of the moment can I identify any and all emotions? Or have I self-medicated myself into denial, justification, and rationalization of their actual existence? If needed, I take a moment now to accept and feel my emotion with no responsive need, action or even thought, no lingering attachment. I just accept and feel and let them go to someplace other than my mind and my being.

There is no need to speak unless I have awoken with my lover at my side. If that is the case then in addition to being grateful for being alive for another day I am also grateful for the presence of my lover and the love bestowed upon me. Words are powerful. I choose words carefully and seek to understand myself and the motives behind my words before uttering a syllable.  

My heart speaks to all those who have loved me throughout my life beginning with my mother who delivered me into this world through the highest of human acts of love. I am the product of the love of my mother and father, their highest expression of their human and spiritual love. I am grateful to be loved and to have the ability to love. In a sea of love I now return to the silence of my Splendid Spiritual Self.

Whatever the state of my body I am hopeful that it will sustain my existence in this world for another day. I am grateful to be present in this moment only. I have let go of yesterday and let go of any judgment or control of myself and others. I truly love, accept and am compassionate to myself as I know God, my Creator, is to me. I am significant without a sense of self, pride, or ego. My love and my spirit comes from the inside out and is independent of this world I live in. I am blessed to be me and to be alive.

I pledge to take care of my body the best way that I can, minimally better than yesterday. I will not take it for granted. I will provide proper nutrition, exercise and rest for my body. My body is my living temple and I am the appointed caretaker. I will sense pain and pleasure through my body knowing that they are the same from a spiritual sense. My Splendid Spiritual Self is inspired by either and both.

My Splendid Spiritual Self has risen above my mind, emotions, speech, and body. I have gained the proper orientation for today. I am a spiritual being living a human life, not a human being trying to live a spiritual life. Whatever one’s God, I feel their presence within me. I sense their will for me and I sense the power from them to do that will with my entire being for the entirety of this day.

I see the proper separation and independence between my mind, emotions, speech, and body and their proper perspective to my Splendid Spiritual Self. There are intervening one-way personal, prayerful, and protective inner boundaries. I start with my Splendid Spiritual Self and let it lead my mind, emotions, speech, and body. TROML Baby!

My Splendid Spiritual Self has awakened me for yet another day of life.

I am ready for the transition as there is no transition from here on out, from this place forward. Life is spiritual life and spiritual life is life for me.    


In the morning, do we need to be awaken at all?

BY whom and for what purpose of today?

One day, many, many centuries ago, the great Chinese sage Confucius was asked by a disciple, “Great teacher, tell us about the life after death.” Confucius replied, “We have not yet learned to know life. How can we know death?”

Don’t we all, within our own religion and spiritual beliefs, walk as Jesus did? Do we not all experience death and resurrection through our own idiosyncrasies as we journey through life as we know it? Aren’t we all just spiritual beings trying to live a human life versus human beings trying to live a spiritual life? Can we come out of self, come out of denial, justification, and rationalization? Where and when did, does or will that crossover from human to spirit occur inside us?   

God’s love is reigning down on me today!

I hope the same for you!

Let’s have a TROML Day today!


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