Reading the Bible with a TROML Perspective…

Biblical Moment 19: Driving by Sodom and Gomorrah; No Reason to Stop!

Biblical Moment No. 19 of Andy’s Spiritual Journey to Israel & Palestine is a drive-by don’t dare to stop experience of Sodom and Gomorrah. In a day that I woke up in Eilat on the Red Sea and rested my head in Neve Zohar on the Dead Sea and saw Timna Park and Masada National […]

Sources of Inspiration

Happy Veteran’s Day: May God Bless ALL Veterans!

A salute to ALL veterans on Veterans Day with thoughts of gratitude for your service to our country. A special prayer for the women & men in service right now, especially those in harm’s way. My Dad (lower left) and five of his brothers (Uncle John was killed in the Battle of the Coral Sea), […]

From the TROML Journals

Celebrating 22,222 Days of Life; Maybe Life is as Simple as Knowing & Counting 0,1,2,3!!!

Celebrating 22,222 Days of Life; Maybe Life is as Simple as Knowing & Counting 0,1,2,3!!! That is a whole lot of days- 22,222! We can’t remember them all but somehow do remember the milepost days and form a narrative around them that becomes our life story, at least to ourselves. Maybe life is as simple […]

At the Beach

Buddy & I at the Beach… Checking Out the Sunset Over the Atlantic Ocean!

So my Buddy says let’s go to the beach and watch the sunset… I tell him that we are on the East Coast of Florida and that the sun does not set over the Atlantic Ocean. He says don’t worry I’ll make it work out; we’ll enjoy the beach and the sunset. Wow, he was […]


Introducing Ragda & her Meditation of Senseless Senses…

“I have experienced numerous Ragda McAfee’s yoga sessions and found them to be meditative in design and style so I was excited to see where her meditation session would take me,” was my thought when I was invited to an Earth Day-Full Moon Evening Retreat featuring Ayurveda, yoga, and Ragda’s meditation gathering. I participated in […]