A Sharpened Spiritual Surrender Takes me to the Next Level…

1In sports performance and in life we like to think of “taking things to the next level.” Little did I realize that is exactly what I needed to do with my own TROML Program. Of course, my Ego, especially my Silly Ego (versus my Trusting Ego), likes to trick me into thinking I am all powerful and exceptionally responsible for all my successes in life, except when I am not, which is pretty much all the time. In reality I did need to “take things to the next level,” specifically my TROML Program, after all these years, 15, almost 16 to be exact. Any kind of surrender, or realignment of one’s perspective on life takes time, especially a “Spiritual Surrender.” In fact it is a lifetime journey to discover, develop and release our spiritual insides, our True Self and Eternal Child Within.

New TROML phrase—”to live the Spirit Within,” which is the opposite of “kicking the bucket” or even “doing your bucket list.”

2So previously, you might recall my recent spiritual evolution (as documented in my TROML Daily Script) has been to accept, love and be compassionate to myself (as God directs my thinking); to realize that God is more powerful than my Silly Ego (while directing and aligning my Trusting Ego) at all times in all situations; be diligent and vigilant to challenge my Silly Ego to detect when I am justifying, rationalizing, or denying the truth about myself, others and my life situation. These, like focusing on being on an inspirational thought life, from awakening to retiring, are all mental processes.

I need to take my basic life orientation one level higher from the mental to the spiritual level. To be completely spiritually oriented is to have a “Spiritual Surrender.” Taking another step in the direction of peace, joy and freedom, being The Ultimate Love, while living out my life as a human being in our One World. Some mysterious and a bit complicated or hard to understand? Not really, it is simple.

3When my basic mode of operation is spiritual, I simply go into and out of the physical, mental and emotional as needed, yet always interpreting, understanding and perceiving life as a spiritual being. For instance, thought comes into my head, take the garbage out, I filter the thought to insure it is motivated by my Trusting Ego versus my Silly Ego. Basic need, so I take the garbage out while returning to my spiritual self. I feel a cramp in my leg, decision is made to leave the spiritual (and peaceful and joyful and free) space and access the physical, triggering the mental, making a decision to rub the cramp out and eat a banana, while returning to my spiritual self. I feel sad hearing some sad news so I leave my spiritual sense and identify, accept and let be the emotion of sadness. Is an action (not a reaction) needed? Knowing feelings and emotions are real but not really facts all the time I am careful to filter my thoughts to insure it is motivated by my Trusting Ego versus my Silly Ego.

Feels like a flowchart or complicated scenario with no time to think?

4Actually it is a return to our newborn self with an innate sense of heart and spirit to do the right thing. In fact, inventorying some recent thoughts, words and behaviors, through the ‘Spiritual Surrender” perspective, enlarges our Trusting Ego and develops confidence to apply simply and correctly to the next significant life event.

Of course this may be meaningless to your TROML Program. I share it as an example of how the TROML Process keeps processing new resources that come with new energy in one’s life. In reality, once you work the TROML Program by completing the 17-Day eTROML Playbook, the TROML Process begins working you!

Have a TROML Day today!

Your Personal Revivalist,

Anonymous Andy

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