You Can’t Keep Hating People…

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1“You can’t keep hating people”… but some people do and to who’s expense?

“At the time that was my job and I could not question that.”

“Kept it Locked inside…”

“Ghost of long ago enemies…”

“I have never been there,” said the son but haven’t we all been there in our personal life?

Justified, rationalized, in denial that our resentment and anger was the right thing to do at the time?

We don’t have to keep hating people…

We don’t have to keep hating ourselves…

2We can turn the spoils of our lives into the fertilizer that enables peace, joy and freedom to grow from within creating a whole new life for ourselves, our loved ones and the people we connect with for the rest of our lives.

They aren’t justified memories of hatred… they are self-created, self-imposed prison bars containing our innate spirit to grow, to love and to be a part of the an emerging next-generation worldwide humanity of our times.

Separation in life from others we love and need is good in life as far as it goes for a limited time only.

Nothing is forever except in death and beyond that it is all forever.

Can you see beyond what seems to be in your life?

3It is better to give than receive…

It is better to look within… be selfish for awhile… and grow to love yourself…

It is better to learn how to accept, love and be compassionate to yourself…

And then be accepting, loving and compassionate towards every other human being on our home planet Earth…

Is it time to go within and find the True Self of your birth destiny? To re-discover and re-energize the Eternal Child Within?

And then go outside and play in the world?

Something is wrong with me and that is okay as long as I come out of denial; out of the self-justificating, self-rationaling, and self- distinguishing world of  hate of myself, others and the world in general.

5 640 GandhiI maintain if we put one human being from each country of the world in a confined space with limited resources we would not kill each other but help each other to survive—you and I would figure it out, we would figure it out of love…

Yet the governments and religions that we have constructed between us have not…

Something is wrong…

We have yet to figure out the mystery of ourselves, yet to figure out why and to stop killing one another on the battlefields and in our own back yard.

That is the logical and emotional solution.

6Someday this will become the Church of TROML but first if you are like-minded (love life, love your country and love the world but don’t accept the insanity within or outside your self) let’s start growing together in the right direction.

Our circular leadership of the past has always brought us to the same realization:

“You can’t keep hating people,”… so why do so in the first place?”

Have a TROML Day today!

Your Personal Revivalist,

Anonymous Andy

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