If you are suffering from the mental illness depression please seek medical attention immediately. Symptoms include persistently feeling in a low mood and a loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities. Please get help if you need it, depression is quite common and not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. TROML means there is always hope with any step towards getting the help we need.

2 depressedBeing depressed is also a normal emotion that comes and goes. It can be an unsettling feeling and one that when it comes seems like it will never go away but it does. Everyone feels the emotion of being depressed sometime in their life if not more often when things we have no control over change when we don’t want them to change. The death of a family member or friend or even someone we don’t know but identify with. Ours is a tragic world at times and broadcasting that tragedy on television, the internet and the radio seems to be the thing to do. The key is to balance the bad news with the good news and to be truly grateful for what we do have.



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3 feeling depressedMake a decision to accept the emotion of depressed and then move on to doing and being the opposite—cheerful, fortunate, glad, happy, lucky, and optimistic from the inside-out. Find a quiet place and pull out your TROML Journal and make a list of those things in your life today that you are thankful for. Add to that those positive, happy activities that are already scheduled to occur in the future. Let’s be grateful for what we do have. When the emotion of depression comes into our life let’s us it as an opportunity to explore and find out what is behind it. Happiness and the steps needed to be taken to be happy are always a choice for us to make.

Be depressed for a short time and then be happy!

Have a TROML Day Today!

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Depressed (adjective):

1.   sad and gloomy; dejected; downcast.

2.   undergoing economic hardship, especially poverty and unemployment.

3.   being or measured below the standard or norm.

4.   Psychiatry. suffering from depression.

Synonyms:   saddened, morose, despondent, miserable; blue; morbid.

Antonyms:   cheerful, fortunate, glad, happy, lucky, optimistic

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