Is “Lifeweed” the Same as Seaweed?

“Lifeweed” same as seaweed?

The latest storm has brought crisp green “seaweed” to the beaches of my life.

Seaweed is a generic term for any plant growing in the ocean.

“Lifeweed” is something I just made up. defines it as “no dictionary results” which means it isn’t a real word… yet…

So let’s define “lifeweed” as “something in our life that causes us to take notice and think about our life.”

When seaweed is planted and growing in the ocean I bet it is a good thing for the habitat and living orgasms in the salt water.

But when that storm and the tides bring it on to the beach we humans don’t like it so much.

It clutters the look of our sandy white beaches.

Over time it degrades in the dry sunlight and starts to smell.

That is why it triggers a reaction once it comes ashore.

Green “five star” resorts fire up their sand plows with fossil fuels and move the seaweed out of the way for the benefit of their members and guests.

They even bury it to avoid the smell.

What sort of things have you buried in your life?

Knowing they come ashore in other aspects of your life.

But what of the weeds of our life?

The things that come back and reappear when some turbulence comes into our lives?

Do we bury them again and again thinking “out of sight” means “out of mind, out of our thoughts, words and behaviors?”

Why not journal with me past the tides of our lives into the tranquility of the depths of our lives?

It is there where the weeds once grew into our lives that we will find the learning we need.

Why not think and understand and leave the weeds firmly planted there once and for all?

Keep them as a reality but transform them into a good reality in our lives going forward.

When we do that them we become free of ourselves and our life experiences.

We realize the freedom we seek isn’t from external captors.

The freedom we seek is from ourselves and letting the past limit our future.

Life is simple once we find our true and valued selves.

Seaweed is good, even on the beach in my opinion.

“Lifeweed” is good, we all have some.

Let’s turn “lifeweeds” into inspiration and take another step to define ourselves and our lives from the inside-out.

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