How My Trusting Ego Emerged & How I Know that it is Really Me!!!

1 Not ImpossibleHave you ever been tricked by your Ego into being someone or doing something only to realize it was a mistake to do so?

How do we know when our Ego is really representing our True Self and our Eternal Child Within?

Who within our conscious thinking and deep with our subconsciousness is really Me?

It came to me and emerged into my life this morning upon awakening when the mindless mental chattering (what is know as our monkey mind) and my working mind (our sound, grounded, logical and creative thinking process) were jockeying with my Ego for control and command of my True Self and Eternal Child Within.

The fear is that the Ego controls both thought processes and subverts my innate ability to be successful. It sounds strange to say but in reality my pure and unabridged Ego is afraid of success, afraid of growth and in reality unable to  continue to lead me from this point forward on my TROML Journey in Life.

What came to me?

Who am I really?

The Trusting Ego…

2 u against urselfLike the personal spiritual principle that came to me six months agothat God IS more powerful than my ego or self-will in all situations and encounters in my life—and the one that followed it—that I will vigilantly challenge my Ego within to detect when I am justifying, rationalizing, or denying the truth about myself, others and my life situation—this one is brilliant and another TROML Breakthrough on my lifelong journey to a spiritual place of peace, joy and freedom,  also known to me as The Ultimate Love.


The Trusting Ego is Really Me…

3 ego spirit


My Trusting Ego is my regular Ego confined by a few simple spiritual fences to insure thoughts, words, actions and decisions come from my True Self and Eternal Child Within and will not turn out to be another wild goose chase in my life. After all who needs a wild goose, once caught, or even the golden gooses for that matter in our life to achieve, be and live with peace, joy and freedom?



Is my Ego tricking me into thinking that I need to be perfect?

Is my Ego tricking me into thinking that I need to be or that I am in control—absolute control of my self, all other people and all situations that I find myself in life?

Is my Ego tricking me into thinking only in terms of all-or-nothing with no intermediate shades of possibility in between those extremes?

Is my Ego tricking me into thinking I can and should judge my self, all other people and all situations that I find myself in life?

4 trustung self


Sorry Ego, if any answers to these questions are yes or partially yes, you are not really me, you are still just lingering threads of my False Self and just a cheerfully disguised sweet cry of that harsh critical inner voice from the survivor years of my alcoholic childhood.



Goodbye regular Ego… you can visit but you are not welcomed to stay…

Hello Trusting Ego…

Only my True Self, my Eternal Child Within and God will reside in me for the rest of my life!


ps: Time to update my TROML Daily Script!


Have a TROML Day today!

Your Personal Revivalist,

Anonymous Andy

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