Buddy & I at the Beach… Checking Out the Sunset Over the Atlantic Ocean!

Me on the beach and my Buddy Drone overhead; enjoying the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida!

Me on the beach and my Buddy Drone overhead; enjoying the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida!

So my Buddy says let’s go to the beach and watch the sunset… I tell him that we are on the East Coast of Florida and that the sun does not set over the Atlantic Ocean. He says don’t worry I’ll make it work out; we’ll enjoy the beach and the sunset. Wow, he was right! I saw a beautiful sunset while sitting on the beach looking at the Atlantic Ocean! How did that happen? Who is my Buddy? I wonder what else we should be checking out in Northeast Florida…   (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post; 4-22-19 with 39 Pics)

Be Open to Acceptance , Love & Compassion for Yourself…

_Gateway to OceanWhen I get the chance to walk along the beach nexxt to the ocean, the experience always inspires me… an open area so vast I can’t comprehend its enormity… even with the fastest boat it would take forever, way more than my lifetime here on Earth, to see all its coastlines… then there are the waves, coming in crashing constantly to shore… even when I am not there… every day, even the next is a different look, the sky, the water, the same, me…. our time alive here on Earth is extremely limited… I ask God to free me on myself… to be open-minded, outside the pull of my ego, without contempt, without expectations until I live the moment… I ask God to direct my thinking… to think about myself and others with compassion, love and acceptance… I ask God to inspire my decisions in life…. and finally I ask God to show me the next steps, to lead me through today first, then through all the tomorrows I have… grateful for the gift of Ultimate Love… peace, joy and freedom to all who read this today…

Have a TROML Day today!

Your Personal Revivalist

Anonymous Andy

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Stormy Days in Our Lives…

Stormy Days in Our Lives…

_640 Stormy BeachThere seems to be no avoiding stormy and difficult days in life. Like the seasons they come and go with some regularity and when they do it is a major storm that seems like none every experienced before.

A Tropical Storm came through last night and I made my way to the beach to exercise around low tide this morning. For the most part the storm had passed but the effects of the storm lingered on the beach as it seems the effects of personal issues always seem to hang around in our lives.

Upon seeing the beach my first thought was that there was a new layer of sand covering everything. The troves of beautiful seashells from yesterday were gone now buried in the sand. Or maybe they were washed far out to sea?

Isn’t that what happens sometimes when a storm comes into our lives? We survive it somehow and then bury the evidence like an old smelly dead turtle because that is what we have to do to survive. We have to insulate ourselves from the hurt.

Centuries later treasure hunters come digging in the sand and find those precious shells. Why can’t we go back and extract the learning and the inspiration from our failures in life or the failures of others in our lives? Maybe we can and prosper from the experience.

I looked out to sea and roughness of the waters even hours after the storm passed entered my thinking. Waves breaking, white water crashing and currents in every direction it seemed. How chaotic it must have been during the storm. I pictured a little boat trying to just survive the torrent waters of the angry seas.

My thoughts turned to a scene in Good Will Hunting with a painting tat depicts a similar setting. The first meeting between therapist Sean Maguire (Robin Williams) and old 20-Will Hunting (Matt Damon) did not go well. But later on they had a conversation about relationships- Maguire and his wife who died of cancer and Will’s emerging love affair with Skylar (Minnie Driver).

“People call these things imperfections but they are not, that is the good stuff. And then we get to chose who we let into our weird little worlds, you are not perfect sport, and let me save you the suspense, this girl you met, she isn’t perfect either. But the question is whether or not you are perfect for each other. That’s the whole deal. That’s what intimacy is all about. Now you can know everything in the world sport, but the only way you are finding out that one is by giving it a shot.” 

Giving it a shot… have we learned that the relationship with ourselves is perfect even though we are not?

Is it that time in life where we are willing but maybe not able to give it a shot with another human being?

Let’s not bury our heads in the sand for life is too short.

Storms come and go and so do our opportunities in life.

Is it time to give it a shot even though the storm has only just passed and stormy thoughts still remain in our head?

We are lucky because we are alive and have the opportunity.

For some the storms in life ended with loss of life.

Celebrate the essence of life and be happy when another storm comes through our lives…  

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

Your Personal Revivalist

Low Tide Blues… Let’s Get Started with TROML Today!

Low Tide Blues… Let’s Get Started!

Low tide is a good time for beach exercise.

There is plenty of packed sand and room for jogging, bicycling or walking with friends.

Sometimes when the tide is out and the beach is desolate I feel the same way.

There are those times in life when friends and family seem distant, the excitement of life seems far away and it’s just me and my thoughts.

We miss the high tides of our life especially the stormy high-energy filled days.       

There’s nothing like big waves crashing at our feet to get our adrenaline going.

It’s so easy to avoid the low tide times in our lives by replaying and reliving old habits to placate ourselves with alcohol, food or whatever is our personal comfort go-to option.

Rationally that makes sense because at the moment our life seems empty, there is not a friend in sight and we need to take care of ourselves the best we can.

Though if we put ourselves in a place of calmness and really think about it we realize those trying times are really the best times to learn about ourselves and grow a bit more into the person we want to become.

What’s the purpose of my life is a good question to ask when you aren’t really sure.

Why not take a piece of paper (or TROML Journal) and simply do a “mind data dump” and brainstorm your thoughts and feelings at low tide moments?

Is happiness the purpose of my life?

Is seeking pleasure different from seeking happiness?

What would my life look like if I was completely fulfilled?

If I have a conversation with myself and write down these thoughts and then review them at a later time will I be able to learn anything useful from or about myself?

Perhaps this low tide period of your life has extended longer than in the past.

We would notice is the tide didn’t come in within six hours.

What have you noticed about yourself these past few weeks?

I believe no matter what the situation, whom the person is that the best answers come from within, from the inside-out.

Our world will tell you otherwise.

Some think you must purchase a certain item or service to be happy.

There are countless people and companies selling you what they think you want or need.

But there is only one person that really matters and that person is you.

I can help you begin that dialogue with yourself.

Is it getting back onto the road to happiness and fulfillment or simply hitting the accelerator pedal to get you down the road faster?

I can help you to learn to coach yourself.

In reality in life the low tides are as beautiful, as meaningful and as fulfilling as the high tides and every moment in between.

There are tremendous sources of energy, inspiration and personal power for you to connect to in our world today.

I am open and enjoy coaching people from all around the world via the internet.

Enjoy today, the absolute best day of your life, positively, absolutely without a doubt.

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

Your Personal Revivalist

I Heard Something Different Today… TROML is Calling Me…

I heard something different today…

I heard something different at the beach today.

The seas were a bit rough even though there were no high or low pressure areas anywhere on the weather map in the Southeast.

The tide was closer to low than high but still a few hours from being all the way out.

The shells were quite heavy on the beach and if they were snow one would shovel them to clear the way.

But not at the beach, the shells are our friends, we like them whether their cover is sparse, intermittent or so deep we hear crushing beneath our feet.

The day light of this autumn day had narrowed far too fast yet was still of a duration that exceeded 11 hours. Thankfully we are still far away from the winter solstice when the sun reaches the Tropic of Capricorn and the daylight narrows to nearly 10 hours.

There was only one other person on the beach today, a fisherman rather a fisher woman that needed to get out of the house as I did.

The abandoned beach was full of beauty and solitude as I looked closely down at the shells hoping to find a shark’s tooth.

And then I heard it for the first time.

The sound the tide, the water made as it flowed down through the thick shell bed to return to the sea.

It wasn’t the “clickety-clack” of a train wheel moving over tracks…

It was gentler, more refreshing yet soothing sound.

I had never heard it before so it fascinated me and I had to wait for the tide to recede again so I could hear it again.

Sort of a random wine glass clinking melody…

It made me wonder what thoughts, what little voices I had not taken the time to listen for and to hear in my own being.

I have heard those urges before in terms of living a healthier lifestyle- eat and drink a little bit less, exercise a little bit more and get some rest.

For some reason, like that new sound at the beach I have tuned into new thoughts and feelings from within.

Why not take a little smaller piece of food and chew it a bit more and let it linger in my mouth to the extent that I truly taste each bite?

Perhaps even take a few gentle breaths through my nose?

What’s wrong with eating and breathing at the same time?

As long as I am not talking with my mouth full, as my mother use to say.

Now I am sure there are other thoughts within that can help me be the best I can be in terms of healthy living.

We tend to think of exercise as the problem-solver of weight loss. Perhaps I can simply eat less and enjoy it more?

Or have one less drink or another have one less cigarette?

No that would be too much of a disciplined approach.

But what if I chose the right thoughts that come into my mind and learn to be me from the inside-out?

What if I became so in tuned with my body, mind and spirit that the “clickety-clack” of life was to disappear from my life?

The beach was a new and refreshing place today, why can’t I be like that?

Why can’t I go on discovering myself each day for the rest of my life?

Why can’t I realize the innate power to become the truly unique human being I am destined to be?

Maybe we can, surely we can if we take a moment to quietly stop and start listening to ourselves, discovering ourselves anew.

There’s really nothing magical about the length of daylight in our days.

Sure we all love the summer solstice when the sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer and daylight extends to more than 14 hours.

Or there is no magical effect of the weather on our being.

Does it really matter what is outside of us if we know what is inside of us?

Why not start that TROML journal today and follow the 17-Day TROML PLAYBOOK?

And next time you go to the beach listen for the clinking sound of water running down through the sea shells.

And listen for something within…         

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

Your Personal Revivalist

Is “Lifeweed” the Same as Seaweed?

“Lifeweed” same as seaweed?

The latest storm has brought crisp green “seaweed” to the beaches of my life.

Seaweed is a generic term for any plant growing in the ocean.

“Lifeweed” is something I just made up.

Dictionary.com defines it as “no dictionary results” which means it isn’t a real word… yet…

So let’s define “lifeweed” as “something in our life that causes us to take notice and think about our life.”

When seaweed is planted and growing in the ocean I bet it is a good thing for the habitat and living orgasms in the salt water.

But when that storm and the tides bring it on to the beach we humans don’t like it so much.

It clutters the look of our sandy white beaches.

Over time it degrades in the dry sunlight and starts to smell.

That is why it triggers a reaction once it comes ashore.

Green “five star” resorts fire up their sand plows with fossil fuels and move the seaweed out of the way for the benefit of their members and guests.

They even bury it to avoid the smell.

What sort of things have you buried in your life?

Knowing they come ashore in other aspects of your life.

But what of the weeds of our life?

The things that come back and reappear when some turbulence comes into our lives?

Do we bury them again and again thinking “out of sight” means “out of mind, out of our thoughts, words and behaviors?”

Why not journal with me past the tides of our lives into the tranquility of the depths of our lives?

It is there where the weeds once grew into our lives that we will find the learning we need.

Why not think and understand and leave the weeds firmly planted there once and for all?

Keep them as a reality but transform them into a good reality in our lives going forward.

When we do that them we become free of ourselves and our life experiences.

We realize the freedom we seek isn’t from external captors.

The freedom we seek is from ourselves and letting the past limit our future.

Life is simple once we find our true and valued selves.

Seaweed is good, even on the beach in my opinion.

“Lifeweed” is good, we all have some.

Let’s turn “lifeweeds” into inspiration and take another step to define ourselves and our lives from the inside-out.

You have your own good TROML program now, let’s make it better.

Schedule your first coaching session today and obtain the 17-Day TROML PLAYBOOK through a fantastic introductory offer…

Your future waits… “lifeweed” and all…     

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

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Come Walk on the Beach with Me…

There is something about the beach that instantly puts us in a good mood.
Maybe it’s the vast open areas of water where you can’t see anything else all the way to the horizon. And then you are far away from your place, your life.
Maybe it’s the brilliance of the stars at night or a full moon rising in the gentle darkness of an early evening.
Or maybe it is the rhythmic motion and sound of the surf coming in and out.
I am being silly, there are no questions from the beach, we bring our own. There are three and a million more reasons the beach is our place of tranquility. A place to go to regain perspective and renew one’s inner being.
Please look at the picture again. The picture was taken at the very moment the sun rose at the horizon to begin another day. It did the same thing today and will likely do it again tomorrow. A brand new day each and every day, the sun rises into our world. It’s all about our personal perspective… do you believe that if you change yourself that you will change not only your world but the world?
I believe it.
Why not let this be the day you decide to embark on creating your own TROML program?
You have one already by the way, why not make it the best possible? It is as simple as taking that walk on the beach and putting yourself in a place where you can think and listen to yourself through the TROML journaling process.
I am here to help you discover yourself. Yours is a true self always pointing to the true north of our life’s journey where destiny awaits us.
The beach, within reach… Dreams within reach down at the beach…

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

Your Personal Revivalist