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640 JournalFrom my very first TROML Journal many years ago…

Journaling for the first 17 Days of the TROML PLAYBOOK is the catalyst of the TROML process. Capturing our thoughts, words and behaviors in our journals enables us to review ourselves at a later date from a little different perspective and hence something magical comes out of the TROML process. We learn over time that we can learn from ourselves and become a source of inspiration to ourselves.

TROML the BEstThis column is intended to share stories- breakthrough thinking, self-realizations and other great insights from TROML journals- mine and yours if you would like to contribute. The first entry into my very first TROML journal was September 3rd, 2000. The following are the first words I wrote down after writing and underlining the phrase “The Rest of My Life.” “The best seconds, minutes, hours, days, years are in front of me, here’s how I will live them! Say what I will do, do what I say I will do.

Keep it simple, straight forward, uncomplicated.” “Keep mind clear, healthy & positive… oh here comes a thought, that’s interesting, I wonder where that came from, oh there it goes!” I then listed the “key things in my life today.” After “so let’s get going to improve things,” I made a list of things I would do “for today only (and I will check at the end). That was many years ago and I have been creating my own TROML program ever since… Many TROML journals (composition books) later I estimate I write (including new and reviewed material) on average 5 pages per day.

scientific processThose many years have been condensed by inspiration and scientific means to the process you will find in the 17 Day TROML PLAYBOOK. I am not completely sure why the TROML process works but I am sure it works for me. Others have tried it with similar results “becoming their own best friend” while being “in a constant state of awareness.” The best thing about TROML is that there are no bold proclamations to start. In fact it is best to start silently without trying to make any changes.

TROML will naturally reconnect something within your being and like me you will look back only to count your blessings, entertain yourself in a learning environment and be amazed at your life’s journey and where it can take you. What you will find is your friends or family coming up to you noticing something is different about you and asking you what it is. Complete strangers will make complimentary remarks that enhance your life. But you have to do the work and there is an element of self-accountability as you saw in my first journal entry. I wish you well and look forward to your contributions to this “from the TROML Journals” column.

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