All Spiritual Orientations Warmly Welcomed to TROML!

_640 Globe ReligionsWhatever your religious or spiritual orientations are or if you have none at all, you are hereby warmly welcomed to TROML. I am interested in exploring the similarities and differences in the various religions and spiritualities with the goal of a great understanding of our humankindness and our unifying common and powerful spirituality. Maybe even breaking through with a global revival to work through our differences and come to a world-wide peace where no human being is killing another human being no matter their location, no matter the situation anywhere in our shared world. I believe this is possible in the not too distant future.

Can you help me pursue this endeavor to change our world?

Will you help me by writing anonymously about your beliefs and those of your religion, whatever it may be, even if you do not believe in any religion?

I am looking for open-minded, honest and reasonable people, like myself to share their religious and spiritual experience, strengths and hope. I will post them on Personal Revivalist and we can go from there. Great journeys and great changes are taken with a first step. Please consider taking a first step with me today.

Specifically, I am looking for contributors for:





Chinese Philosophy




Twelve Step Programs

Other Spiritual Beliefs

Please contact me at and let me know what you think!

Have a TROML Day Today!

Your Personal Revivalist,

Anonymous Andy

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