God Bless Pretty Paris & Fearless France

Eiffel Tower ColorsYogi grew up in his Father’s Morocco and lived in his Mother’s France as a young adult. From France he traveled five times to India in search of his purpose in life. He found that purpose and came to America to live in his late 20s.

His graceful purpose today was to play a French song,  Ca va pas changer le monde by Joe Dassin, during sun salutations in our yoga class this morning out of respect and honor for our friends in Paris and all of France.

Go ahead, click the link above and listen to the melody and see the lyrics in English below.

This Isn’t Going to Change the World…

_London Bridge ColorsThe sun has no goal in life other than to shine and it does that whether or not we can see her through clouds or while she is on the other side of the world bringing warmth and light to them while we are in darkness.

Maybe that is why it important that we shine extra bright as human beings in times of darkness in our civilization?

As we come back to the movement of our breath and meditate peacefully maybe that is the only way to make this world a better place? As Yogi said today, peace in the world only happens when we find peace within.

_Sydney Opera HouseWe have to investigate our thoughts as the world is as we see it. What are we thinking?

The world suffers along with Parisians and the French people today.

Yogi led us through the use of Madra Abhaya to send a blessing to France and receive one back. In a seated position with legs crossed we raised our right hand with palm facing forward to send the blessing out to the world. Then we opened our left hand to receive back the grace returned from abroad.

Be free!

Be free!

We have problems as human beings because we do not investigate our thoughts in meditation. Our ego and our self-proclaimed righteousness can turn negative thoughts into a negative reality. Don’t let it.

Your mind can become your friend. That is a great step but not the only step. Let’s find peace within and then share it with everyone we connect with in this world.

As Yogi’s Yogess once said—there is enough love in every human being to fill up the entire world.

Feel the blessings of your heart. Feel the greatness of who you are.

Let us trust in that.

_Namastem 640All wonderful insights from Yogi today.

This Isn’t Going to Change the World…

Only you and I, with love in our hearts  and an understanding of our purpose in life can do that…

We feel with you Pretty Paris & Fearless France.

God bless you!


Have a TROML Day today!

Your Personal Revivalist

Anonymous Andy

This Isn’t Going to Change the World

It’s strange, you left
And yet you’re still here
Since everything speaks to me of you
Woman’s perfum, the echo of your voice
Your goodbye, I don’t believe in it at all
It’s a “see you agian,” almost like a date

This isn’t going to change the world
It turned too much without us
It will always rain in London
This isn’t going to change anything at all

What do I care
A door that’s been closed again
We loved each other, say no more
And life goes on

This isn’t going to change the world
That you moved to a new home
It will continue, the world
And rightfully so

The dust of a star
This is what makes the Milky Way shine
We loved each other, say no more
And life goes on

This isn’t going to change the world
This isn’t going to disturb it
It’s the same as before, the world
It’s only you that’s changed

Me, I stayed the same
The one who believed that you loved him
It wasn’t true, say no more
And life goes on

Click here for the source of the lyrics.


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