TROML Baby… The Rest of My Life Used in Real Life, Part 3…

We all use the phrase “the rest of my life.” How do you use it?

Here are some examples and how they would be interpreted from a TROML perspective…

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

Your Personal Revivalist


“I dressed as Madonna for Halloween one year in college (there are at least three remaining pictures out there, which I will track down and burn if it takes me the rest of my life).

What a prominent mayor said about a bad idea he had in college.

Sooner or later bad ideas acted upon show up in one’s life.


“It’s not really that it was an idea I had in the shower, so much as it was an idea that I had applied to my shower, and would now be applying to the rest of my life.”

What a lady in NYC said about getting rid of extra shower supplies and then continuing on with other unused material possessions in her apartment though keeping the meaningful memorabilia.

TROML is the personal art of minimizing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level while maximizing happiness and joy in one’s life.


“I think I was at a point where I couldn’t imagine living the rest of my life in pain.” “We have a tendency to always look tomorrow and I think one of the things I’ve learned having a terminal illness is live today, and live life fully.”

What a man with terminal cancer said after completing a marathon.

If you capture only the inspiration and words of this man in your own TROML process then you will have a very successful and satisfying life!


“I’m sorry, truly sorry for what I did. It’s something I can never take back and I got to live the rest of my life with this. Now I can move on and move forward and spend the rest of my life in prison. I know I am completely wrong. For whatever reason I did these things. I ask for your forgiveness not for me but so you can move on… ”

“Those working in the state prison system will have to deal with him and his violent tendencies for the rest of his life. He still presents a lot of danger. Somebody serving a life sentence does not have anything to lose.”

What a convicted murderer with no chance for parole and the prosecutor said after the jury’s verdict was rendered.

Any bit of hope can start and anchor the TROML process for anyone. Absolutely, positively, without doubt.


“As soon as we started singing… we became very aware that this is what we wanted to do the rest of our lives. At 13, I knew this is what I want to do for the rest of my life… I really think that I’ve always thought about my life as being timeless, and I think that’s probably my biggest asset, that I don’t think about time. The only time I think about is when I feel like when I’m 15 years old, and that’s probably where I’m still stuck. Maybe that’s the secret, that I’m stuck at being 15, my soul, my energy, that’s my secret. And I pray a lot and say thank you a lot.”

What a 70-year-old star singer said when reminiscing on her life and career.

TROML Baby! Timeless is right and for the record you are only nearly 26 thou-days old in TROML!


“Two students are hoping to spend the rest of their lives on Mars… I’m committed enough to human space exploration that I’m willing to live out the rest of my life there indefinitely.”

What one of finalists said when selected for the one-way mission to colonize Mars in 2024.

Everyone has there own TROML program and can live it out anywhere in the universe!


It was an adventure that will be with me for the rest of my life.

What one of the contestants said before “The Amazing Race” started.

Once started, a TROML program is with you for the reset of your life!


“I do know I’m going to be involved with politics for the rest of my life… I’m the only one who can come out here and tell it like it is without playing politics.”

What a mayoral candidate said after losing the race.

Our defeats and challenges are the basis on any solid TROML program.






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