Frustrated 2 Woman 640Being frustrated in frustrating, isn’t it. Not only are we frustrated but it is sometimes difficult to get past this emotion or to simply let it pass. Frustrating!

Do you have a TROML Program of your own?

I was surprised to learn it meant disappointed. I always thought it meant to be angry and maybe that is the glimmer of hope for me when I am frustrated.

When I am disappointed it must mean my performance (as self assessed) did not meet my expectation. Or I can not honestly accept people, places, things and situations which means I am trying to control others or situations beyond my rightful place.

Frustrated 1 Man 640It could also mean someone has unjustly crossed one of my personal boundaries and actually done a harmful thing to me. It might require a response (not an automatic reaction) on my part to set things right.

Either of these three possibilities require prayer and meditation before acting out in words or behavior. Take a moment now to find a safe, quiet place and clear your mind, literally clear your mind of all thoughts, and notice your breathing. The Serenity Prayer—God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Furstrated 3 Geico 640Another tactic to shake out of the frustration is to do an activity that can  bring one of the antonyms present in your life at that moment in time—encourage, fulfilled, inspirited, stimulated, uplifted.

Call an encouraging friend, do something that fulfills and stimulates you, or likewise brings you to life in an uplifting way. For me that is sport, journaling and going to a meeting or spiritual service. In other words get out of yourself and then ask for direction on how to approach the situation that is causing you to be frustrated.

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

Your Personal Revivalist


Frustrated (adjective):

1.   disappointed; thwarted:   “an announcer who was a frustrated actor.”

2.   having a feeling of or filled with frustration; dissatisfied:   “His unresolved difficulty left him absolutely frustrated.”

Synonyms:   balked, crabbed, cramped, crimped, defeated, discontented, discouraged, disheartened, embittered, foiled, irked, stonewalled, stymied.

Antonyms:  encourage, fulfilled, inspirited, stimulated, uplifted.


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