TROML Baby… The Rest of My Life Used in Real Life, Part 2…

We all use the phrase “the rest of my life.” How do you use it?

Here are some examples and what they mean to me:

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

Your Personal Revivalist


“Now that I reached the point of self-acceptance, the question at hand was whether or not I would transition and live the rest of my life as my true self.”

What a transgender woman and father of three children realized at age 63.

An honest acceptance of self is the first step to a fearless life.


“Workers who volunteer feel like they have more balance between work and the rest of their lives…”

What 700 workers studied said that is counterintuitive to what most people expect.

Volunteering is a way to free ourselves from ourselves and become less selfish and egotistical.


“You trusted me and I broke personal and professional morals that I will regret for the rest of my life.

What a 26-year-old former eighth-grade teacher said when sentenced to 10 to 50 years in prison for first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a 13-year-old student.

The rest of my life is a long time for both the victim and the criminal. Let’s hope the victim recovers as best she can and the criminal uses his teaching degree to help a lot of people behind bars that need to be educated as the judge suggested.


“I have always seen myself spending the rest of my life with a man who shared some interest in debating current events, discussing a good book, or even volunteering together.”

What a girlfriend said of her boyfriend of three years when asking if she was asking too much.

Honesty, good communication and a desire to plan together and execute the plan together are keys to a good relationship.


“I have had enough of slipping and slipping on snow-covered icy ground and streets to satisfy me for the rest of my life.”

What a man said hoping that this snow storm was Old Man Winter’s last hurrah.

There is always hope no matter what the situation is and it is always best to attach oneself to that hope!


“Blinded by my desperation to conceive, I ignored the implications of hitching my wagon to a guy for the rest of my life.

What a 41-year-old woman thought before she went it alone and then found the right man later on.

It is not selfish to fearlessly pursue, when felt, a basic instinct in life as long as you do it responsibly.


“It’s something I never really expected but something I will treasure the rest of my life and pass it on to my siblings.”

What a 91-year-old Congressional Gold Medal recipient said after being awarded the highest military honor for a civilian 70 years after the fact.

An overwhelming sense of gratitude that comes from the inside-out, no matter the situation encountered, is perhaps the finest character trait to possess in life.


“If I would have had an abortion I would have regretted it for the rest of my life.”

What a woman thought when she learned she was pregnant and her husband filed for divorce and her family encouraged her to terminate the pregnancy.

Always best to choose life so that you can live the rest of your life in a healthy manner especially if impacting someone else’s TROML too.


“I didn’t want to keep talking about that for the rest of my life.”

 What a successful game show contestant and viral celebrity said to the publicists and PR firms.

Does success really have to change the rest of your life? NOT!


“I can do so much more than rap with the rest of my life.”

What a rapper said when considering his entrepreneurial ambitions beyond music.

One thing leads to another in the pursuit of the rest of one’s life.

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