TROML Overview; How it all Began back on September 3rd, 2000!


On September 3rd, 2000 I simply began writing down my thoughts, words and behaviors in a journal.

Not only did I write them down, I started to review the journals. With a self-reflective perspective, I rediscovered how to learn about myself from myself and how to live a more fulfilling life—with absolute peace, joy and freedom.

Then I applied professional, cutting edge, world class techniques to understand how those improvements came to be through the journaling process.

cropped-Got-TROML-Button.jpgThe result of that inspired personal scientific experiment is a 17-day PLAYBOOK I call TROML (pronounced “Tee-Rom-EL” and sounds like tomorrow),  .

TROML is an acronym for “The Rest of My Life.” The first five letters—T—R—O—M—L—is TROML! You don’t follow someone else’s program, you follow a process which results in the creation your own unique TROML program.


By extracting inspiration from your heritage, family and friends and life experiences, both good and bad. In reality you naturally learn from yourself, learn how to inspire yourself and literally format the world from the “inside-out” versus the world formatting you. You become you from the inside out.

Wouldn’t life be easier and more fun if we lived in a way that meets our core values and expectations versus those imposed upon us by somebody else? It may sound complicated but it is rather simple, and life is best when it is simple, isn’t that true?

Why am I sharing the TROML process?

TROML changed my life and I believe it can change your life as well.

I believe this to be my calling in life. I am very fortunate to be doing what I love to do or as what my father would say “you are the most happiest and fulfilled when your vocation is also your avocation.”

Thanks for listening. I hope to be given the opportunity to be your Personal Revivalist, if needed, in the days ahead. I wish you all the best that your life has to offer! Which I believe is unlimited… absolutely, positively, without a doubt unlimited personal fulfillment.

Take care my friend; I hope to hear from you soon. Good living

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

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