Don’t React to Life, Rather Act on Life, the TROML Way!

Don’t react unless you have to… a child in danger, the house is on fire or there is an accident with injury. Most times we don’t have to react especially to the words and the behavior of other people. After all can we really read their minds or know their intentions? Why not take some time to think and decide what our reaction, if any, should be? Isn’t a reaction an action in response whether it is delivered immediately or later at a more opportune time? Whose actions are we trying to mimic anyways? Our own true self or something we witnessed early in life or something we thought was real on television (remember those are paid actors and someone created the script… they might seem like real events but they are not!)

Being a writer can be a curse at times since if you write the words you have to think about each one. I am always seem to be thinking about storylines- the opening, the middle and the ending. People say things to me that come to them. Sometimes I take them as well orchestrated and definitive thoughts and I am trying to write the ending with a deadline. When I take other people’s thoughts literally and react to them it is a mistake on my part. People come to the realization it is not good for them to share their thoughts with me. When they don’t share with me I feel isolated instead of connected. So let’s let ideas and thoughts pop into our heads, not being sure where they come from, enjoy talking about them, and not draw any big conclusions. Okay?

There will always be time later to think and react, if needed. How many times do emergencies really happen in our lives after all? We like to make emergencies don’t we?

A thought is a thought. An idea simply an idea. Once we share a thought or idea, think about it and decide that it should be a plan, then we have something to work on, something to do. Otherwise let’s enjoy thoughts and ideas in a happy and fulfilled manner in the very moment they are shared!

Uh oh was that the smoke detector going off… got to go!

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

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