2016 5th Annual Corey Walk & 5K Run Against Cancer!

My nephew Corey was an awesome person. Courageous, daring, and with a big heart in life and beyond!

My nephew Corey was an awesome person. Courageous, daring, and with a big heart in life and beyond!

Beautiful evening celebrating the life of my nephew Corey… 5th Annual Corey Walk… after 72 weeks of chemo & proton therapy Corey participated in a compassionate study to help find a cure so that no other kid would endure what he did. My sister Mary reported tonight that the National Cancer Institute, based on promising results of up to 18 months remission, just funded a second study. Corey never stopped believing & his motto was “no pain, no gain.” His 17 years of life, the last in pain, were pure inspiration, and a gain for those who have followed in his footsteps. He touched so many lives. We love you Corey! (Facebook Post with 30 pics, 11/19/16, Andy Reistetter)

The Committee for Corey Scholarship Fund

Organizer of Run Against Cancer 5K 5th Annual Corey 5K Run/Walk

This commitee is comprised of Dallas School District faculty, administrators, student club directors, and friends and family of Corey.

Corey was awarded the Student of the Quarter Spirit Award while a sophomore and
junior at Dallas High School. The Corey scholarship was initiated to recognize those seniors who have shown great school spirit while maintaining good academic standing.

“No Pain No Gain” was Corey’s saying as he spent time in physical therapy to reteach his foot how to run after being told he probably wouldn’t run again. Corey returned to the cross country running fields after 46 weeks of chemotherapy and 26 treatment of proton therapy. Was it easy? No, after the races there were times when the pain was unbearable.

Corey’s mental strength moved beyond feeling pain and the obstacles of doctors telling him there was nothing left in treatment to stop his cancer.

After multiple grueling weeks of chemotherapy and radiation, Corey stayed focused. How? Corey “Never Stopped Believing.” He maintained a positive can do attitude even in the darkest moments of his life. How does someone do that? “No Pain No Gain” was his saying.

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