Day 21: Explore Golan Heights; Safed; Following Sun-Rays; Tabgha; & Arbel Cliffs!

Day 21; Explore Golan Heights; Safed, Following Sun-Rays; Tabgha; & Arbel Cliffs National Park!

With Rabbi Leiter in Safed at his Ascent School.

With Rabbi Leiter in Safed at his Ascent School.

Stuart, you are going to love this… so I do my drive up and around the Golan Heights region… coming down Route 90… see a sign for Safed and without blinking an eye take a hard right… there are two Safed exits… I take the furthest one and see signs for an Old City so I follow them or at least try to… and there it is—the Ascent School…

I go in unannounced… never even contacted the man… and there is Rabbi Saul Leiter in his office basically waiting for me as he had just made mention of me a few minutes earlier to a lady at the school… he gives me a quick tour and we strike up a spiritual conversation… he references the Seven Laws of Noah which I was introduced to at the Western Wall two weeks ago on my first visit to Jerusalem… I show him the notes in my journal… he gives me a book about them… he inscribes the book to me… we go outside and have a picture together taken…

I leave and am heading out of town… planning to go west to my Airbnb bed near Nazareth… I see these unbelievable sunrays in the sky pointing to the east… I take theSsunrays as a God-Send… still an hour or so of daylight so I head east and follow them… though hill and valley… with the cows in the field… down the curvy road past the Mount of the Beatitudes… all the way to the Sea of Galilee and into Capernaum Jesus’ hometown after He left Nazareth… I visit Tabgha where Jesus fed 5,000 people with a seven loaves of bread and a few small fishes (Matthew 15:34)…… this was a 30-minute ride over 26 kms long… do you think I will be reading that book on the plane home? TROML Baby (an exclamation of joy)! Finished the day sneaking into Arbel Cliffs National Park at sunset before finding my bed in Cana—my Penthouse above the Palace!

PS: earlier in the trip I witnessed a 180 degree rainbow on the Sea of Galilee (video included)! How does one interpret this experience? From Ascent Synagogue to Jesus’ Miracles?… our religions are so spiritually intertwined… I was hosted by a warm & loving extended Muslim family that evening… I think all religions and spiritualties are intertwined… ALL including Baha’i, Hinduism, Buddhism, ETC., ETC…

It is not the religion or spirituality itself that is the problem (people are still killing people today), it is something else… our generation needs to fix this before passing on… we need to get to Peace, Joy, Justice, Reconciliation, Unity, and Freedom for all Human Beings living on this Earth!

Thanks for the contact my friend! That’s TROML for you! Rabbi Leiter is all you said he would be! WOW, what a great school for young people! Shalom!

(Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 37 Pics; 1-3-19)


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