Day 16: Spending the Day in Eilat; Swimming in the Red Sea; Riding a Camel!

Day 16: Spending the Day in Eilat; Swimming in the Red Sea; Riding a Camel!

CLICK HERE for VIDEO of Andy Riding Jasmine the Camel in Eilat! (Part 1 of 2)

CLICK HERE for VIDEO of Andy Riding Jasmine the Camel in Eilat! (Part 2 of 2)

CLICK HERE for VIDEO of the Magical Fountain in Eilat Light Show!

What to do with one day in a resort city on the Red Sea in Eilat, Israel? Well, for starters why not have a latte on the beach and ponder the possibilities. Then let’s linger a bit with a walk along the Promenade.

Okay, let’s get started. First up, when in the desert it’s time to ride a camel! So off to the Camel Ranch! Funny, no camels available to ride at the Camel Ranch!

Let’s head down the coast a mile or two and see the border with Egypt. Saw the Egyptian border and saw some camels along the way too! So I stopped to ride a camel—what fun though a bit scary for me! As you know if you ever went to a scary movie with me; I laugh when I get scared! So I laughed and had a marvelous time!

Then I headed to the Bedouin Peace tent for a delicious lunch of pita and labane cheese with olives! And of course sweet malby for dessert! What a feast!

So comfortable could have taken a nap but needed to head north along the shore to find the Jordan border. Past the planned Eilat community with the airport downtown in the heart of it all! Into the land of date palm tree plantations this Israel/Jordan border was an open and peaceful one.

I came across a birdwatching park and watch a big silver bird come in gracefully and land a bit to the south. Caught it on video too!

Then I headed back to my place to put on my bathing suit to start my Israel & Palestine Waters Challenge of swimming in the Red Sea, Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, and the Mediterranean Sea too! The swim felt great!

What a beautiful spot on this Earth is Eilat, Israel; where three countries come together on the tip of the Red Sea! My heritage is the Czech Republic and Slovakia and seeing that Karlovy Vary and Piestany are sister cities of Eilat I know why I feel so welcomed and comfortable here!

After a shower it was a night out on the town! My date being a tasty schwarma and a seat at the Eilat Musical Fountain.

Indeed a wonderful day in the resort city of Eilat on the Red Sea! So beautiful that I could not do it in 40 pics so here is the first set of 40 pics, second set to follow!

(Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 40 pics; 1/26/19)

Highlights of Facebook Comments:

Susan Grayson Thank you so very much for sharing your incredible trip with all of us it has brought back so many incredible memories for me God bless you!

Donna Papas Simons How fun!!! Trading your motorcycle in for a camel.

Joan E.Davis you just do not miss anything… the camel picture!!!!

Day 16 Eliat 12-28-18: Second set of 40 pics from my day in Eilat, Israel, a resort community on the Red Sea near Egypt and Jordan!

(Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 40 pics; 1-26-19)

Highlights of Facebook Comments:

Jakub Konečný Eilat is twin town of my hometown Piešťany!

Genie Brady Loved all the pictures! Simply beautiful!

Here are all 80 of the pictures taken in Eliat on the Red Sea:

Day 16 Eliat 12-28-18: Riding Jasmine the Camel in Eliat, Israel on the Red Sea! I laugh when I get nervous! It is higher than you think! Led by Nafez my new Bedouin friend! Part 2 of riding Jasmine the Camel! Still laughing!

(Andy Reistetter; Facebook Posts with 2 Videos; 1-26-19)

Highlights of Facebook Comments:

Lisa Bennett-Fish Just like riding a bike?

Bettyann Procter Harlow Now you will want a camel!!

April Ann Cute

Otília Orsulakova Kojnoková Tava to je zazitok -?to nie je auto ? Tava that’s a thing -to is not a car ?

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