Celebrating the 7,000th Day of T—R—O—M—L—”The Rest of My Life!”

Today is the 7,000th day of TROML, the dynamic, spiritual, self-realization process I began, have been developing & perfecting since September 2nd, 2000!

TROML is an acronym for “The Rest Of My Life—T—R—O—M—L!”

TROML 2020 is a 10-point initiative that will be fully celebrated beginning next year on September 2nd, 2020 on the 20th anniversary of TROML!

1,210 days ago I realized that the ongoing TROML Process (the 17-day journal based inward journey which has absolutely nothing to do with me; TROML is a process, NOT Andy’s program) leads one to their ‘Splendid Spiritual Self (SSS).

I am working on a third spiritual book that many of you have provided your spiritual insights, biblical references, and own life experiences. Next person to do so will be No. 37! If you are interested & willing we can do so online.

Looking forward to following up with several friends when I am home in Florida! Have a TROML Day today!

Pic Caption: Note what is after the dash on my memorial stone! Why not begin to live your Eternal Life today?

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