Happy Father’s Day to All the Fathers in the World; Past, Present, & Future!

Three most recent generations!

Three most recent generations of Reistetter’s!

In the long timeline of human civilization we have no control over the sliver of time that is ours to call a lifetime… I have been blessed to be sandwiched in life between my inspirational Father Andy Sr. and my two loving sons Joe & Tim. Very blessed indeed! Also blessed to have gone back a few generations, literally to Slovakia to walk in the land where my fatherr’s father Andrew Ambrose and earlier generations were born, raised, and lived. Also blessed now to see forward to a new generation through my grandson Xavier and who knows maybe another one or two… I wish; maybe another one too; that is! A big thank you of gratitude for the love, promise, & time together with Joe & Tim’s Mother Mary; without which none of this would have become a reality! Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there in Facebook Land, to my Dad, to Me and to my son Tim… Very blessed and grateful indeed! TROML Baby (an exclamation of JOY)! (Andy Reistetter; 6/16/19; Facebook Post with 9 Pics)

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