Day 17 Part A: Timna Park in the Negev Desert is the Grand Canyon of Israel!

Day 17 Part A of Andy’s month-long ‘Spiritual Journey to Israel & Palestine was such a BIG day that it had to be split into two segments—visiting Timna Park in the morning just north of Eilat—and visiting Masada, King Herod’s mountaintop palace, just northwest of the southern tip of the Dead Sea. Both so grand in scale that they were hard to comprehend together in a single day!

So Timna Park is Part A of Day 17!

Timna Park is the Grand Canyon of Israel in the Negev Desert for sure! Unbelievable mountains and canyons; Solomon’s Pillars, Mushroom and a Half, and so many majestic ones with no names! But the experience that took me back was the Rock Art, literally art drawn on the rocks which is still there from the period between the 14th and 12th centuries BCE! Unbelievable that I could stand in a place where human beings stood 3,300 years ago and wrote on the rock. Still is hard to comprehend!

What’s not hard to comprehend is that way back then they built a temple to worship what they then knew as God… and today there is a life-size model of the Tabernacle, the tent that the Israelites kept with them to house the Ark of the Covenant as they wandered aimlessly around in the desert for 40 years.

We truly are God’s creation and our relationship with our Creator is of the utmost importance!

(Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 40 Pics; 1/27/19)

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