Day 19: Last Day of 2018 at the Mount of Beatitudes & Driving Around the Sea of Galilee!

Day 19 of Andy’s month-long ‘Spiritual Journey to Israel & Palestine was December 31st—the last day of 2018! Settled into the Tiberias-Capernaum-Sea-of-Galilee it was a day of quietness, contemplation and later a bit of adventure! What better place to be grateful for the year past than at the Mount of Beatitudes.

The Mount of Beatitudes is right there above Capernaum on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee. One could sense Jesus walking up with his disciples (many disciples including the 12 Apostles) from his home with Peter in Capernaum and sharing his heartfelt essence of the good human life! The Son of God gave his Sermon on the Mount of Beatitudes early in his ministry after being baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River, fasting for 40 days in the desert and outlasting the devil, and being chased out of Nazareth when he declared that he indeed is the Messiah prophesized by Isaiah in the Old Testament.

With some daylight left after an afternoon of contemplation overlooking the Sea of Galilee I decided to drive north then east to find the Jordan border. To my surprise it wasn’t there where I thought it was. Unlike the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee is not the location of the Israel-Jordan border. After crossing the Jordan River coming into the Sea of Galilee I drove around the entire sea in a clockwise direction and approach Tiberias from the south as I did the day before.

Sometimes it takes exploration to dispel expectations whether subconsciously founded or through the use of our Mind Tool. As true in my whole life as it was geographically true in this day.

TROML Baby (an exclamation of joy)!!!

(Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 40 Pics; 2/7/19)

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