Wake Up Spiritually Tomorrow as Your Splendid Spiritual Self (SSS)!

Awakening each morning to be your Splendid Spiritual Self (SSS)!

TROML (an Acronym for The Rest of My Life) is a dynamic, self- realization process that results in finding one’s True Self/Trusting Ego; one’s Eternal Child Within; and becoming aware of the presence of God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit deep within—finding one’s Splendid Spiritual Self!

TROML/SSS is not a follow someone’s else’s religion or spirituality program; it is a life journey, a process to find your own and thereby finding you too! Applicable to all spiritualities, all religions, or none at all!

The alarm clock rings! What do you think?

That might be your problem, don’t think, BE spiritually!

Or you wake up naturally (we did not always have alarm clocks; they are choices!) or someone or something else wakes you up?

Immediately you think, right? WRONG!!!

Spiritual Beings do not have to think or do anything… they have free will… they have alternatives… and they make choices, sometimes much different than the secular world on how to live their life from the inside-out. No need to meet the expectations of all others!

The mind is a tool, that’s all! My mind is NOT me and your mind is NOT you! Even if we have subconsciously learned to think that way (after all the Mind and Silly Ego like to have the Mind in control), we  can change it through the TROML Process and our emerging Splendid Spiritual Selves.

Remember that your mind and Silly Ego/Pride/Self don’t really like change; they like to be in control, keep things the same (especially bad habits) whether or not it is in your best interest today, tomorrow, or in the future.

The Splendid Spiritual Self awakes in an aura of Gratitude, Spiritual Freedom, and Spiritual Maturity.

The Splendid Spiritual Self awakes immersed in God’s Love.

The Splendid Spiritual Self awakes in Peace, Joy, Unity, and Freedom!

Yes, someone has to turn off that alarm clock and someone has to get out of bed and begin the day of thoughts, emotions, words, and behavior. But it should not automatically be your mind!

Just choose to do it as your Splendid Spiritual Self!

Do not automatically put on the cloaks of perfectionism, control, all-or-nothing-thinking, judgmentalism, sellfishness, pride, fear, resentment or believe untruths!

Utilize your SSS Divine Dashboard, your Personal Powerful Perspective to live and manage this gift of a day!

Rejoice in Free Will, Alternatives and Choices to be made even Choices that appear to be habitual as they are not this day nor going forward!

Utilize One-Way Inner Boundaries that are Personal, Prayerful, and Protective to deal with thoughts, emotions, speech, and the behaviors of nutrition, exercise, and rest!

Be Prayfully Passive and Divinely Decisive with the essence of your life beginning this day!

Your Splendid Spiritual Self rules all in a graceful, compassionate, and loving way…

Tomorrow IS the day that you awaken as your Splendid Spiritual Self!


P.S.—’TROML Baby’ is a joyful exclamation of living life in the TROML/SSS manner; living life to its spiritual fullest!

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