Clogged Drains in Our Life that We Don’t Know About…


Clogged Drains and We Don’t Even Know It…

I bet you that the drain in your shower or bathroom sink is clogged with hair and you don’t even know it.

Sure when it is completely clogged up and the water stops flowing we take notice and do something about it.

But gradually it clogs up right before our eyes and under our feet and it doesn’t even register with us.

I think the way we think is sometimes like that as well.

If we are not careful, little by little negative thoughts come into our minds and take root. Over time they slowly accumulate and change our perspective on life and even ourselves.

Nancy Kline in her book Time to Think tells us that “thinking for yourself is the thing on which everything else depends,” and that “thinking for yourself is still a radical act.”

She lists Ten Components of a Thinking Environment:

1.            Attention- listening with respect, interest and fascination.

2.            Incisive Questions- removing assumptions that limit ideas (and us!)

3.            Equality- treating each other as thinking peers.

4.            Appreciation- practicing a five-to-one ratio of appreciation to criticism.

5.            Ease- offering freedom from rush or urgency.

6.            Encouragement- moving beyond competition.

7.            Feelings- allowing sufficient emotional release to restore thinking.

8.            Information- providing a full and accurate picture of reality.

9.            Place- creating a physical environment that says back to people, “You matter.”

10.         Diversity- adding quality because of differences between us.

This will be the thinking environment of my life coaching sessions with you.

As your life coach I can help you get back on the right thinking track.

There are things we can do today to avoid the clogged drains of our lives.

I can help you extract only lessons learned and inspiration from today and your past in a healthy manner.

And then we can think together and build your future world to insure “fulfillment for the rest of your life.”

How are you thinking today?

Are you thinking today?

Radical indeed.

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

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