I Heard Something Different Today… TROML is Calling Me…

I heard something different today…

I heard something different at the beach today.

The seas were a bit rough even though there were no high or low pressure areas anywhere on the weather map in the Southeast.

The tide was closer to low than high but still a few hours from being all the way out.

The shells were quite heavy on the beach and if they were snow one would shovel them to clear the way.

But not at the beach, the shells are our friends, we like them whether their cover is sparse, intermittent or so deep we hear crushing beneath our feet.

The day light of this autumn day had narrowed far too fast yet was still of a duration that exceeded 11 hours. Thankfully we are still far away from the winter solstice when the sun reaches the Tropic of Capricorn and the daylight narrows to nearly 10 hours.

There was only one other person on the beach today, a fisherman rather a fisher woman that needed to get out of the house as I did.

The abandoned beach was full of beauty and solitude as I looked closely down at the shells hoping to find a shark’s tooth.

And then I heard it for the first time.

The sound the tide, the water made as it flowed down through the thick shell bed to return to the sea.

It wasn’t the “clickety-clack” of a train wheel moving over tracks…

It was gentler, more refreshing yet soothing sound.

I had never heard it before so it fascinated me and I had to wait for the tide to recede again so I could hear it again.

Sort of a random wine glass clinking melody…

It made me wonder what thoughts, what little voices I had not taken the time to listen for and to hear in my own being.

I have heard those urges before in terms of living a healthier lifestyle- eat and drink a little bit less, exercise a little bit more and get some rest.

For some reason, like that new sound at the beach I have tuned into new thoughts and feelings from within.

Why not take a little smaller piece of food and chew it a bit more and let it linger in my mouth to the extent that I truly taste each bite?

Perhaps even take a few gentle breaths through my nose?

What’s wrong with eating and breathing at the same time?

As long as I am not talking with my mouth full, as my mother use to say.

Now I am sure there are other thoughts within that can help me be the best I can be in terms of healthy living.

We tend to think of exercise as the problem-solver of weight loss. Perhaps I can simply eat less and enjoy it more?

Or have one less drink or another have one less cigarette?

No that would be too much of a disciplined approach.

But what if I chose the right thoughts that come into my mind and learn to be me from the inside-out?

What if I became so in tuned with my body, mind and spirit that the “clickety-clack” of life was to disappear from my life?

The beach was a new and refreshing place today, why can’t I be like that?

Why can’t I go on discovering myself each day for the rest of my life?

Why can’t I realize the innate power to become the truly unique human being I am destined to be?

Maybe we can, surely we can if we take a moment to quietly stop and start listening to ourselves, discovering ourselves anew.

There’s really nothing magical about the length of daylight in our days.

Sure we all love the summer solstice when the sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer and daylight extends to more than 14 hours.

Or there is no magical effect of the weather on our being.

Does it really matter what is outside of us if we know what is inside of us?

Why not start that TROML journal today and follow the 17-Day TROML PLAYBOOK?

And next time you go to the beach listen for the clinking sound of water running down through the sea shells.

And listen for something within…         

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

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