Day 2: NT Matthew C1-2; Ancestry begots Inspiration…

Ancestry begots Inspiration…

Where did we come from and what is our ancestry?

What are our roots? How far back can we trace our family lineage?

To the Mayflower, to Europe, to the Middle East? Past Jesus Christ to David to Abraham without being carried away to Babylon? Past Noah and The Flood through the eight people on the Ark? To Adam and Eve?

You say tracing our ancestry back to the beginning of the human race can’t be done?

Information is limited and can be sought and found in such places as Ellis Island, the Mormon Church or as I did in the records of St. Martin’s Church in Lipany, Slovakia.

I am an Andrew, my father was an Andrew, his father was an Andrew, his father was an Andrej, but his father was an Emericus. No wonder my father’s oldest brother was named Emery.

But that is as far as the records go, who knows our ancestry before the mid 1880s?

The “All from One” exhibit in Pretoria that I saw when I was visiting South Africa has made a lasting impression on me. “We are all one people because we come from all one people.” The ancestor of all life forms is called The Last Common Ancestor (LUCA). We are all unique but our entire genome is 99.9% identical to the sequences of any other person no matter where the two of you come from. You are much more similar to other people than you may have thought. Join the face of humanity.

Forget about ancestry or better yet look at another definition of the word ancestry.

Ancestry is the inception or origin of a phenomenon, object, idea, or style.

Better question is what is your phenomenon, object, idea, or style?

There are many “begots” in the Bible and forty-two generations from Abraham to David to Jesus Christ but there are no direct descendants of Christ.

Forget about where you came from. Think about where you are going.

Think about where you came from and extract the inspiration of your ancestors and then think about where you are going.

As confused in life as I am?

Only because you are living life and are alive in the present moment.

Until you are not and then the pain and pleasure of this world is over.

We all are born, grow, decline and die.

Take what you can from the past and move on through today into tomorrow and beyond.


What will you do with the rest of your life?






Day 2: Reading The Bible with a TROML Perspective; Ancestry begots Inspiration…

Read and inspired by the New Testament, Gospel of Matthew Chapters 1 & 2

Bible Notes:

The Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew

Saint Matthew, also known as Levi, was a Galilean by birth.

Tax Collector at Capharnaum.

Christ called him to become a disciple, and later an Apostle

After the Holy Ghost came down on the Apostles on Pentecost, Matthew preached the Gospel in Judea.

He wrote his Gospel to prove to his readers that Christ was the Messiah foretold by God in the Old Testament

Matthew Chapter 1: The genealogy of Christ, Abraham to David; David to Babylonian captivity; The virgin birth.

Son of David, the son of Abraham.

Jesus is the Greek and Latin form of the late Hebrew and Aramaic name Jeshua, meaning “The Lord is Salvation.”

Mary also belonged to the House of David.


Matthew Chapter 2: The Magi come to Jerusalem; Herod consults them; The Magi find Jesus; The flight into Egypt; The slaughter of innocents; The return to Nazareth.

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