Day 1: OT Genesis C1-6; We are not God.

We are not God.

If we are honest with ourselves, don’t we all think the world began on the day we were born? When we recall life don’t we do it in terms of our own perspective of life… this happened when I was in kindergarten or when I graduated high school or on the day I was interviewing for my first real job. Then came the day we realized the world didn’t revolve around us even though we thought our parents should continue their supporting role. Then came the day we realized we would die, after a long and natural life or sooner, too soon, for some other reason. Finally we realized that the earth was here well in advance of our arrival and will continue on long after we are gone.

The sun rules the day and the moon rules the starry night though we can sometimes see the moon in daylight but never the sun in the dark. Didn’t it seem that we once lived in a Paradise of Pleasure when life seemed to be so easy? We had dominion over all except that sin hidden deep in our heart and soul. We weren’t yet ashamed of anything. We felt alone even though we had everything we wanted except not yet knowing our purpose in life. We were in love and life was good.

Then the world deceived us into thinking we could be just like God, the way it thought of itself. The world you see thinks it knows what we need and provides it all for a price. If only we work hard so we can afford to play hard the world says we will be fine. We can easily be tricked into thinking there should be no pain or hardship in our lives. If there is pain then it’s present because we weren’t good enough or didn’t work hard enough to overcome it. Once tricked to go down a road, the truth is altered and our pride emblazons us to tell others that this is the way to enlightenment, though it is not.

In the light, men and woman love each other, neither knowing better than the other or able to be closer to God than the other. Human beings, potentially graceful Children of God are we all.

We will die the death. We are not God, knowing good and evil. We are not self-sufficient. Why do we hide from the face of the Lord our God? We need to open our eyes, our heart and our life to God. For in only the third chapter in the Old Testament, in Genesis is Thy Seed of Mary, Jesus Christ referenced as The Way of overcoming evil with good.

I realize that I am not God. I didn’t create the world or anything in the world. I may have made an earnest contribution but I have no power to overcome good with evil. I was a giant living 930 years before my days were reduced to 120 for I sought wickedness and evil was in my heart.

Help me to understand The Bible. Help me to understand The Rest of My Life in terms of what is meaningful and eternal. For this I pray to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God my Father, and the Holy Spirit.






Day 1: Reading The Bible with a TROML Perspective;   We are not God.

Read and inspired by the Old Testament,  Genesis Chapters 1- 6

Bible Notes:

Genesis, the genesis or origin of the world, the history of Creation.

Noe and the Deluge, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph

Closes with the deaths of Jacob and of Joseph in Egypt, whither Joseph had called his father and brothers.

Genesis Chapter 1: Creation of heaven and earth; Creation of light; Creation of firmament; Earth separated from the waters; Earth made fruitful; Creation of sun, moon and stars; Creation of fish and fowl; Creation of animals; Creation of man.


Genesis Chapter 2: The first Sabbath; History of man; The Garden of Eden; God puts man in the Garden of Eden; Creation of woman; Institution of marriage.


Genesis Chapter 3: The serpent deceives the woman; Sin of our first parents; The serpent is cursed; Redeemer is promised; Mankind’s punishment; Adam and Eve driven from the Garden.


Genesis Chapter 4: History of Cain and Abel; Cain slays Abel; Punishment of Cain; The first city; The family at Lamech; Seth and Enos.


Genesis Chapter 5: Descendants of Adam; Adam; Seth; Enos; Cainan; Malaleel; Jared; Henoch; Mathusala; Lamech, Now, sem, Cham, and Japeth.


Genesis Chapter 6: Wickedness of man; God sorrows over wickedness of man; Noe finds grace; Sons of Noe; Promise of destruction of the earth; Form, design, construction, and measurements of the ark; The flood promised; Use of ark.

Iniquity, corrupted and I will destroy them and the earth.

Make thee an ark

Destroy all flesh, all things that are in the earth shall be consumed.

Every living creature of all flesh, male and female

Everything, that they may live

I will establish my covenant with thee.


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