Nothing in this World is Truly All-or-Nothing, Only our Thinking at Times…

Nothing in this world or inside human beings is accurately characterized by All-or-Nothing or Black-and-White Thinking.

There is a season for everything and within a season otber seasons at times. Within a winter there can be a summer-like day, a spring-like day, and a fall-like day. The calendar and the sun’s position relative to the earth is only a guide, not an absolute. There are no absolutes in living our life. Death is an absolute when life ends, as is Heaven beyond.

See beyond what seems to be…

Beyond our human outsides and into each other’s hearts. What is the true nature of our hearts? How does our thinking, our emotions and our physical experience in life impact our heart? How can our heart impact our thinking, our emotions and our physical experience in life. What are the dynamics of our lives?

All-or-Nothing or Black-and-White Thinking is a static way of looking at the world. A two-dimensional way of looking at the world. Why then is our thinking, at times, especially at times of stress or anxiety, lagging the physical realities of the world. No doubt there are three dimensions and a definite fourth—Time. We change over time. Our physical world changes over time. A quick Google Search would reveal some theories of 11 dimensions, even 26 dimensions.

Why only two dimensions in our thinking. “Either-or” are never the only realistic options if an open, humble and willing mind is engaged in a dynamic, trusting and selfish manner.

Yes, if our life’s journey is considered to be limited by only the physical roads we travel then there will be times when we come to a “T” in the road and our only option is to go left or right. But those are always self imposed. We can get out of the car and walk in any direction we choose or even fly if we can imagine that we can fly. Why do we think of the past when we think of our life’s journey when the future is limitless, absolutely, positively, without a doubt limitless if we consider all our options.

Today is the only time we have to live and if we are living we are changing and we can change how we think. We can free ourselves of anything that is binding us, limiting us from being our Splendid Spiritual Self. For today there are no fears, resentments, untruths or even self. Why not leave self behind and live in a limitless world with a logical mind, feeling emotions and taking care of the beautiful body that God gave us to live out our existence?

TROML Baby! Develop your own unique, special, purposeful Splendid Spiritual Self through the TROML Process. Once seeded, it will take time and there will be pain. But pain is the shortest pathway to freedom and once the door is opened, pain isn’t pain anymore, it’s just a part of living in peace, joy and freedom—The Ultimate Love.

After all, all that matters is how you think about it and which season of your life you think you are in…

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