Waiting, Trusting & Praying are Action Verbs…

Waiting, Praying & Trusting are Action Verbs… but it doesn’t seem like it in our fast pace world, does it?

Yeah, I am waiting and waiting and loving it? What, not automatically reacting?

Or I am praying and trusting in God, my Personal Savior Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit and not in church but during my day-to-day outside activities?

Don’t we always think we are waiting on God to respond to our prayers?

When in reality He may be waiting on us to take action based on His Direction and His Power.

A friend of mine told me recently that while she was volunteering in the second grade she focused in for a bit on an activity to pick out action verbs from a grouping of many verbs and nouns. She was dumbfounded when the teacher said there was one more. Where she wondered. What she tried to figure out one last time. There’s one more- WAIT, the teacher said and then gave an example: “The boy is waiting.” A word is an action verb if you can add “-ING” to it. WAITING is an action! Who would have thought we learned something so important way back in second grade?


The next day she was in third grade and learned that ‘TRUST’ was an action verb as in ‘TRUSTING.”

Sadly, it is probably not taught  or demonstrated in public schools but “PRAY” is also an action verb as in “PRAYING.”

So as I am transitioning into a new phase of my life’s journey there is a lot of “WAITING, TRUSTING, and PRAYING.”

No worries, I am doing something to prepare myself for those opportunities, first by “WAITING, TRUSTING, and PRAYING,” and then networking, following up leads and pursuing my new passion in life- Substitute Teaching.

So far I have experienced 5th grade, 7th grade and 11th grade and it has been a fun and rewarding experience.

I wonder what and where else God is waiting on me to take action?




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