Life Goes On… and I Go with It…

Pain, struggle and death are very real occurrences in life.

As I am sure you have struggled so too do I struggle at times with coming face-to-face with them.

It is hard to rise out of what seems sometimes to be an unbearable amount of pain, struggle and death at times in our lives. Looking back there were similar disappointments and tragedies that some how we overcame, got through to better days. But it is hard to see that strength in the midst of being powerless over the pain, struggle and death of loved ones.

There is no easy way around it, one can only go through it if one is to survive and live on to find peace, even joy and freedom in what has happened.

There is no rush. The real fix comes on a spiritual level.

Trusting, praying, waiting are all action verbs. An action I choose to take at this moment. There are other options but they don’t make any spiritual sense to me.

It’s okay to venture into the depths of despair with a broken heart, a broken dream as long as one realizes they themselves aren’t broken at all and if they don’t stay there too long.

There isn’t any real perfection, control or absolutes one way or another in our lives, only the illusion of them when we so choose to believe. This is healthy at times in our lives and disastrous, one step into the permanent darkness, at other times.

Knowing and acknowledging the truth about oneself and others is the surest and strongest foundation in life.

From truth comes hope and from hope comes living life to the fullest and from living life to the fullest comes peace, joy and freedom, The Ultimate Love.

If only for a minute, a day, a month, a year or a lifetime.

That has come and gone. Was then but not now. Perhaps once again and forever more? We hope and pray, then trust and wait.

My lifetime has been full of beautiful people and beautiful experiences with those people whose grace and love touched me richly and deeply.

Today is today, a day to feel feelings, do the doings and be present completely.

The past is the past and is past.

Tomorrow will be something far beyond what I can even imagine today.

Life Goes On… and I Go with It…

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