SSS Inner Boundaries—P, P, & P!!!

Inner Boundaries—Personal, Prayerful & Protective

_640-sss-inner-boundariesAs we grow into our Splendid Spiritual Selves it becomes apparent that inner boundaries are probably more important than external boundaries. What’s happening inside us, our minds, our emotions, our bodies and how we react and act to our thoughts, feelings and pains and pleasures are the keys to freeing our Splendid Spiritual Selves (SSS). We become spiritual beings living in peace, joy and freedom.

Yes, external boundaries, those we have with friends, families, co-workers and strangers are very important too. Personal (external) boundaries, per Wikipedia, are guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them and how they will respond when someone passes those limits.

_640-boundariesWe know and love ourselves or others that need time and space in the morning to have their coffee and go to the bathroom (No. 2 as Dad would say). Same for those of us who seek quiet time to pray and meditate in solitude alone with God. Boundaries aren’t far from habits and habits tell us how to communicate with other people and how they should communicate with us if they want a positive interaction.


But what are inner personal boundaries and how are they the foundation for living a life here on Earth as a realistic spiritual being?

__sss-640-inner-boundariesAs can be seen in the Splendid Spiritual Self schematic (that’s one too many s’s by the way), there are One-Way Personal, Prayerful & Protective Inner Boundaries between the SSS and our mind, emotions and body.

These Inner Boundaries are one-way from the SSS to the mind, emotions and body. In a spiritual state, only the spirit, can impact the mind. In a spiritual state, only the spirit can impact emotions. In a spiritual state, only the spirit can impact the body. To get to that spiritual state, to be your Splendid Spiritual Self, the learning is that this are only one-way connections and not two-way enabling the mind, emotions and body to impact our spiritual state.

negative-emotionsSounds simple right? But it is not. In a worldly sense we like to think and act that our emotions are real and true and they are but only to a limited degree of being experienced. It is easy to get emotionally intoxicated in today’s world watching TV and being manipulated in a sea of news. Sometimes it seems as if we are a bobber, unattached and drifting, in today’s dramatic current sometimes hitting shore (or the bottom) amidst tumultuous waves of even stronger emotions of which we have no control over.

practice-the-pauseUnless, of course, we have a steady Splendid Spiritual Self (again, one too many s’s by the way) and have established a One-Way Personal, Prayerful & Protective Inner Boundary between SSS and our emotions. It’s a delight to identify, accept and feel our emotions for what they are and not dictate our life or lifestyle.

Ditto for our mind (both the logical working mind and the SPAM monkey mind) and our body (nutrition and exercise; pain and pleasure).

images-notrmalAs important to note is that there are no direct habitual connections or pathways in between the mind, emotions, and body. Any interaction between them comes from our Splendid Spiritual Self. Note the “from” direction and note the prayerful perspective of these connections. The Splendid Spiritual Self is sensitive and continually monitoring our mind, emotions and body and lifting up those inputs into our spiritual awareness. Once aware, and always aware, our SSS takes the necessary spiritual and real action to maintain its self-growth and to live in peace, joy and freedom in a worldly sense.

Your own unique Splendid Spiritual Self can be developed through the TROML Process.

Be free, be revitalized for “the rest of your life.”


Your Personal Revivalist,

Anonymous Andy

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