Are you living a Digitized Life with No Real Relationships with Others, Self & God?

1It seems to me that, in an increasingly digitized world, the outside world of busy-ness, commerce, materialism and over-the-top excitement at times, is more penetrating than ever! It seems to me that the business world, the marketers with focus groups of people before me, know more about me—my wants, my needs, my desires, and especially my emotions, a year-older me, than I do by the time my next birthday comes around.

But they don’t know the real me—that Splendid Spiritual Self of me—that is an entity of itself, a combination of my True Self/Trusting Ego, God Within Me (he is within you too), and my Eternal Child Within. That Splendid Spiritual Self has one-way boundaries with my mind, my body and my emotions. They can’t get to me, they are going the wrong way on a one-way street with huge traffic control spikes, and they can’t move an inch. That’s a physical example, the Splendid Spiritual Self, once recognized and developed, has more powerful protection than we can imagine. Living in today’s world, no matter how harsh or extreme, becomes simple and simply effective and fun!

2But first you have to find that Splendid Spiritual Self within you. We all have one. We all have a Splendid Spiritual Self within our mind, body, spirit and emotions. But it not a mental entity, it is a spiritual one.

TROML, a dynamic self- realization process, is what helped me find my Splendid Spiritual Self. It’s not easy and there are many false positives, many false sure finds displayed and unknowingly mired deep in our resentments, fears, blatant dishonesty to ourselves courtesy of our Silly Ego. It’s well worth the TROML Journey to finally find peace, joy and freedom in life.

Gone is perfectionism towards ourselves or others, the need to harshly control ourselves or expect to have control over others, the all-or-nothing, black-and-white thinking that seems to be dividedly pervasive in our world today and simply is not a realistic way to live and judgmentalism in all its subtle and obvious forms coming to and from us.

3It’s a whole new world coming from deep within ourselves to confront and keep the digitalizing forces of the world at a safe boundary distance. Our growth comes from within and once we change, the world changes too!

Are you living a Digitized Life with No Real Relationships with Others, Self & God?

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