Before Death Parts You, Start a TROML Journal Today…

640 Journal will genuinely improve your life“I started to write about my day… but I had so many bad things happen that I didn’t know where to start! …I made a list of everything that had happened and ended up with ten things. I was so down in the dumps, I decided to look at the negative aspects of each event and, for recovery, write the positive aspects… I felt helpless and sometimes hopeless… Death isn’t easy to accept , especially when it is slow and painful for a loved one. I hate it. Then I wrote down the positives of my dad dying. Yes, there were some positives! I had discovered I had been given this opportunity to get to know my dad… Death brought the opportunity to say, “I love you”! It was never said much in our house, just always understood… Just recently he had started saying “I love you too”! Wow! I had been waiting my whole life to hear those words. Death made that possible. So I went through my list of bad things like that, listing the negatives and the positives. Amazingly, the positives far outweighed the negatives. Imagine that! I finished writing and took a nap. I needed some rest. I felt better.”

Excerpted from Taste of Lifeline, Page 76, a publication of Overeaters Anonymous.

journalWriting, creating a TROML Journal of memories and thoughts is key to the TROML Process. In fact it is were the magical TROML transformation occurs first—because TROML is a journal-based self realization process with a patented method of creating, reviewing and projecting our life experiences. To write, you have to think. To think you have to be. To be you have to learn and grow continuously throughout the course of our lives. TROML is a;; about awareness and extracting inspiration out of our life experiences and then formatting the world with our uniqueness and creativity versus the world trying to determine our life’s purpose.

Before Death Parts You, Start a TROML Journal Today…

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