How do I Avoid that First Compulsive Bite?

1This is the most important question of all questions in my life for me, myself and I—Anonymous Andy—, a compulsive overeater and sugar addict.

Its relevance and answer impacts my life directly in terms of the quality of my life and the longevity of my life. Quality and magnitude is something of importance to most everything in life, including life itself.

How do I Avoid that First Compulsive Bite?

The answer is simple for normal eaters—just don’t take that first compulsive bite Anonymous Andy!

2That answer is irrelevant for me. I have a disease—one that is infecting America and the rest of the world, one that we can all see in the sizes of our bodies and the amount of food and sugar we consume, and one that no one is acknowledging in personal one-on-one conversations or even in our hearts and minds. Wed are all still in denial and that includes me a lot of the time.

I long, I wish I was a normal eater and frequently have to prove to myself in a way that harms myself that I am not. I am a compulsive overeater and sugar addict.

3When it comes to eating, normal eaters have willpower and a the sense to stop eating when they feel they are getting full and their hunger is satiated.

At times in my life I had willpower when it came to food, mostly in terms of being on a diet. No longer do I have power over food once I take that first compulsive bite of one of my binge foods or sugar.

I have will power in other areas of my life just not when it comes to my binge foods and sugar. I have to accept that as being true for me first.

This year is the Year of Transparency for me. I journal openly and honestly about my life. I need to continue to personally revive myself as I assist others in personally reviving themselves in all aspects of life, not just addictions such as compulsive overeating.

Got TROMLWhile sharing my world on I am also transitioning my journals to am electronic format as well so that I have everything I need on my cell phone and this website. As I progress to a completely spiritual life first and foremost it makes sense that all I need is available to me electronically wherever I go.

Along these lines here is my script for what I do when I sense an urge to seek sugar or eat compulsively. I am grateful for Overeaters Anonymous (OA), my Abstinence, the Twelve Steps, my sponsors, and my OA Buddies walking this journey to Peace, Joy & Freedom—the Ultimate Love in Life with me.

It is not perfect just like me and may make no sense to anyone other than myself. It is a component, like other sources of inspiration and enabling programs, of my own personal TROML Program. It’s a start and it is evolving.

4I absolutely love being Abstinent and working my TROML Program to the nth degree.

I can’t explain what it feels like to be more clear, present and engaged in life than ever before.

I have had long periods of freedom from obsession with food and it is where I want to be as I live out the rest of my life.

Another program called Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA), as did Al-Anon, has released me from all the challenges associated with a childhood infected by the disease of alcoholism and aligned me with all the strengths recovered from that experience, especially when it comes to Emotional Maturity, Intelligence or Emotional Recovery, whatever it is called.

6 yo yoI would never have found these programs which are custom fitted for my life experience if I had not discover the TROML Process some 15 years ago. As an inspiration seeking umbrella program it naturally leads me to the right spiritual, mental, emotional and physical springs of knowledge and application at the right time. TROML is quite amazing and only takes 17 days to get started on your own TROML Journey that will change your life like it did mine.


With no further ado, here is the How do I Avoid that First Compulsive Bite? script of Anonymous Andy

How Do I Avoid that First Compulsive Bite?

OA Program of Action- Personal Choices

Pray & Meditate- Talk to my Higher Power (HP)- Is this HP’s Will for Me?

?4 Ask HP 4?

(Free Self, Direct Thinking, Inspire Decisions, Show Next Step)

?4 Ask Myself 4?   Trusting or Silly Ego

(Perfectionism, Control, All-or-Nothing Thinking, Judgementalism)

7 toolsUse the 9 OA Tools of Abstinence

Use OA Tool 1: A Plan of Eating

What am I overeating over?

Use OA Tool 5: Writing (Journal)

Do Not Isolate

Trust, Feel & Share

Use OA Tool 4: Telephone (Call or text an OA Buddy)

Use OA Tool 2: Sponsorship (Call my Sponsor, Be a Sponsor)

Use OA Tool 6: OA Literature

Read Pamphlets- First Compulsive Bite & Just For Today

CHOICES- another activity, go to sleep

Set Timer for 12 Minutes

Use OA Tool 3: Meetings (Go to a Meeting or Call-in to a Meeting)

Telephone Meetings (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)

8I will not emotionally abandon myself through compulsive overeating and sugar addiction.

Journal Feelings & Emotions: (I feel X when Y happens because of Z)

Feel the Feeling, Accept it Completely

I will not escape from my feelings, self-medicate, or anesthetize myself with food or sugar.

I will be in conscious contact with my Higher Power.

Use OA Tool 7: An Action Plan

Use OA Tool 8: Service

Use OA Tool 9: Anonymity


Have a TROML Day Today!

Your Personal Revivalist,

Anonymous Andy

_Hand w PR Business Card

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