Why do I ever Abandon Myself, especially in Difficult Times?

1 100 ways abandoning yoruselfNo, we never really ever abandon ourselves do we?

How could we, we are we physically and never have the ability or opportunity to leave our bodies, do we?

We are always our own best friend, even in difficult times, except when we are not.

I know I have abandoned my self at times seeking to escape being someplace, in some situation, with somebody or many bodies or associating with a thing.

How did I do that?

2 yo yo dietingThrough sugar and compulsively overeating what others eat for nutrition and pleasure in a normal fashion. At times in my life I have eaten to escape, anesthetize myself, to medicate myself sometimes gaining large amounts of weight in very short periods of times.

I have probably gained and lost 100 pounds three or four times in my life. Then there were the times I lost twenty to only gain forty and lost that forty to gain sixty. This disease of compulsive overeating and sugar addiction is a disease and it is progressive. Unattested there is no doubt in my mind that I would become morbidly obese with the onset of diabetes and a severe reduction in the number of years that I would be of existence on this earth.

3 diet metabolismIn recovery from the disease of compulsive overeating and sugar addiction my slips are minor in comparison to my past personal experience. Months are minutes and pounds gained and lost a small fraction of what they were. I don’t obsess on weight or body image anymore. I focus on utilizing my abstinence, the Twelve Steps and TROML to maintain my life of peace, joy and freedom.

I think there are many like me afflicted with something we took for granted and almost treated like a prize, a positive reward earlier in our lives. Be successful, eat and drink all the good stuff and as much of it as you want because you are successful and able to. It is an insidious trap.

5 eating disordersMost afflicted don’t realize it or certainly don’t look at it like a disease. They see it as a willpower thing or a character weakness thing when in fact I know and believe it is a disease, no different than alcoholism, the common cold or cancer. No one wants to have this disease and no one can get rid of it alone in isolation or by themselves.

That explains the why of compulsive overeating and sugar addiction—there is no why.

6 lets goThere however is a “why not,” or several of them.

Why not continue to solve the mystery of your self?

My how can be your how—freedom from compulsive overeating through Overeaters Anonymous.

Why not be introspective and look within for what is happening on a subconscious level in your life?

7 travel for life not to escape usWhy not embark on a TROML Journey, free yourself and travel down your own road in your life?

Why not discover, accept and then change the habits and patterns that have kept you imprisoned in a cell of your own making in life?

Why not let go of fear, anger and resentment and anything that is not true in your life?

Why not escape from your “Silly Ego” and unite with your “Trusting Ego?”

Why not embrace a new and better God of your understanding or no God at all?

Why not free yourself instead of abandoning yourself?

Note to SelfWhy not have your God right there beside you at all times and in all situations?

Why not let go of the apparition of perfectionism. control, all-or-nothing thinking and judgmentalism in your life. After all they are not real but the truth is that you are real.

Why not embark on that TROML Journey today and forever be your best friend traveling with a renewed, understanding and helping God of your understanding by your side never abandoning yourself again on the way to your destiny in life and beyond?

Have a TROML Day today!

Your Personal Revivalist,

Anonymous Andy

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