Searching for Euphoria; then Finding Fulfillment in Life!

Searching for Euphoria; then Finding Fulfillment in Life!

1 EuphoriaThat’s what humans do. We search for it in a variety of ways. Some are productive, some are destructive.

But that’s what we need. We look to fill this void in our human selves. We know we are a part of a higher calling or mission. Some people call it God. Others call it the Universe.

All civilizations, from the beginning of recorded history left their mark in looking for this higher calling. Humans looked up to the sky and knew the power of water, soil, light and air.

Our human selves seek to be a part of something greater. But on the way to that need to be a part of something greater, or connection, we seek thrills, satisfaction through many devices and, literally, our brain is looking for a way to be fulfilled.

2 fulfillmentThis need for satisfaction comes in such a variety of ways. Some seek endorphins through exercise, extreme or otherwise. Others have a “need for speed”. Fast, falling, climbing, driving, “on the edge” kind of speed.

Others look for this brain fix through things like drugs, (legal or not) dictated by pharmaceutical companies. Others choose a more traditional route through alcohol, which is legal in this century which makes it a more acceptable mode of endorphin seeking behavior.

Others get this same satisfaction through food…how much more legal can that be? We need food to live, to grow, to function. Sometimes our brain tells us to keep going. Why not? It’s necessary, right?

3 stages-of-growth-and-development-3-638We feed our children and are very concerned about their growth and development. We feed them good food. I help new moms and I cannot tell you how many times I deal with the struggle “breast is best”!

Well, when things don’t work well or they are not producing enough milk, I tell them, relax, “both is best”! In less than four or five months you will be feeding them food, not from your body. These new moms need to adjust as much as the babies they are feeding. It’s okay. There is so much controversy about food, chemicals, etc. in our society. We think that if we eat the right foods, we will not get cancer or any other malady. Truth is, we just need to try to do the right thing. I have seen so many people who have done “everything right” and still, they get cancer or heart disease. So, there is something more outside of our control. A whole other subject that I could also write about…another time.

_4 moderationThe key to life, or living a good life is moderation. That sounds great, right? Just be moderate, in all things. The Bible, the Koran and all other religions and programs have a guide book which refers to this key to moderation.

Not easy, because we are humans and we want more, we want euphoria, satisfaction and have a need to be in this state ALL THE TIME! We seek what scientists now call endorphins.

I have been watching neuroscientists and have “high” hopes that during my lifetime, surgeons will be able to make adjustments to our human brains through laser or other non-life threatening adjustments.

So, be kind to yourselves fellow-humans. We desire these “states of euphoria” because we want to feel good, reach a higher state of consciousness, as our own God or Universe has lead us to do.

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