Happy Mother’s Day!

_1 Andy w Mom 640I was very blessed to be with my Mom for 42 years of her life. I wish I could have been with her for longer as she was a dear beautiful woman that everybody loved right along with me. Her love, passion for and curiosity of life remains with me today. I miss being with her but I don’t miss her. As far as I am concerned my mother was a saint and my father a hero to me in life and beyond. I am grateful for not only the gift of life they gave me but for all the inspiration too!

CLICK here for a Video Tribute to My Saintly Mother…

Balloon Mom youre the bestMy Mom is a saint and an inspiration to me. She never stopped loving Dad or anyone else she ever knew, her whole life through. In fact, her love of aging people as a Senior Center Supervisor and her curiosity about life was the seed we planted and nurtured together that grew into the TROML process. We were close and shared many thoughts and feelings, especially after Dad died. I was inspired to capture her way of looking at life so I asked her to start writing down the story of her life. This turned into the beginning of the TROML book. Sadly, she died late the night before the September 11th tragedy in 2001. Looking back, my personal and professional world changed drastically within those few hours. Life would never be the same nor looking back would I want it to be.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms and Mom Memories out there in the world!

I love you Mom!

Your loving son…

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