This is What I Love about TROML, Transparent Journaling & Being Introspective!

This is what I love about TROML, transparent journaling and being introspective as yours and mine Personal Revivalist.

reclinerThe birds woke me up early and I went with it remembering to journal at my computer desk instead of my more comfortable recliner where I usually pray and meditate. In this way I can be transparent and share my thoughts electronically instead of only with myself writing in my personal and confidential TROML Journal.



oak computer deskWhen something pops into my mind… like there are something like 300 feelings, why does it seem I only experience just a handful… I go back and realize I forget how much introspection I have done and how much progress I have made…while I realize I have only written about 3 feelings and there are so many more I don’t get overwhelmed by the pile of work before me because I realize how far I have come.


I realize I am confused a bit between what is an emotion and what is a feeling. Actually I was googling to add a picture to the depressed article and a chart of the differences popped up. Thinking I should research and write about that topic I realized I had already done so.

Emotions, Feelings & Emotional Maturity

Now I was in a new place ready to go higher…

ego tinyWe think of our ego as our best friend that may be a bit too boastful… but in reality it seems to me that sometimes it’s the reverse making us think we are perfect and acting on only that we think about in the moment… better to pause, really think, investigate, pray & meditate a bit and then make an inspired decision… otherwise we are chasing a figment of our ego and not real life… I have already been down this road… now lets continue to build up to get a better perspective of our life… and thereby be able to live each day to the fullest!

Have a TROML Day Today!

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