Happy Arbor Day; I Want to Be a Tree Too!

_Trees 70 Ridge StreetI look forward to my retirement years up on a mountain in my hometown overlooking the intersection of two rivers and their valleys. It’s a beautiful wooded place to be. Ever since I started yoga back in the late 1990s and bought that piece of property I have imagined myself up on a little lookout platform amidst the trees doing my tree pose. I am grateful for trees. I want to be a tree too!

A few years ago i was invited by a friend to a Tree Ceremony on Arbor Day and ever since it has become a passage of Spring for me. My schedule is a little different than most and this time of year is my downtime when I am back home for a few months and recharging the batteries. Connecting with nature and in particular one Grandmother Tree gets my energetic and restorative fluids flowing.

_5 Andy Tree“In gratitude for all trees that sustain life on Mother Earth. Unite with thousands of others throughout the world restoring balance in our environment, and reconcile humanity’s relationship with trees. Active expressions of gratitude are the seeds of healing and nourishment for Mother Earth. As the smallest stone initiates unending ripples in a pond, this collective ceremony initiates a far reaching vibration of gratitude and healing for all trees.” Is how the invitation reads.

This year’s Tree Ceremony was more than a ceremony, it was a moving experience!

It took me out of my Western mindset so I could be a simple human being without the need to be active or to control our sacred environment. I went back to ancient times of the Plant Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom when they peacefully coexisted before there was a Human Kingdom on Earth. Luckily both their natures are not to give up and they have chosen to persevere and support our human race.

_6 Tree spiritual sanctuaryThere was a cleansing prelude rite before entering the sacred space of the Grandmother Tree. A story of pain, turmoil and grief was told making amends for the ignorant destruction of the sister trees of Grandmother Tree. It seems as if peace has come to this part of the forest, there is healing and renewed energy and vibrations. Two screeching red-tailed hawks flew overhead on cue to signal a new positive balance of animals, plants and humans in this heart of the woods. Though no more chickens are present on the family farm thanks to the Bobcat.

Once cleansed and perfumed by the incense, our human spirit entered the sacred spiritual sanctuary of Grandmother Tree passing by ten lighted candles and moving through a gate of colorful poles. The assembly encircled her humongous trunk as if that was our innate human desire. We read a blessing three times and summoned the energies of the wind, water, fire and earth from all four directions to join us honoring this magnificent creation of nature. We chanted “Earth my Body, Water my Blood, Air my Breath and Fire my Spirit as Godesses and Gods have done throughout time. Collectively and then individually we sprinkled her roots with water and decorated her with colorful ribbons. A beautiful ceremony and healing experience around Grandmother Tree.

_2 Palm TreesAs we lingered in her presence I noticed the palm trees shooting upward in her midst. Though not as tightly interwoven as the Love Trees found in St. Augustine, where beneath them a kiss seals a romance for eternity, these were more of a parental guiding and securing love. A love of mutual respect amongst the plants, animals and humans.

I felt that special love of nature today. The love I hope that will carry me through the rest of my life back to my hometown trees close to Heaven. I hope Grandmother Tree felt our love today and has a prosperous year between now and when we will gather in her honor again.

Happy Arbor Day!

_3 Ribbons

_7 Arbor Day Basket

_4 Tree Gang



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