A New Spiritual Principle to Update My TROML Program…

2 640 holding sun spiritNew Spiritual Principles to update My TROML Program—I don’t know where they come from. There is no pattern to have one produced. I know they come from the TROML Process, living life to its fullest, journaling and being reasonably and responsibly introspective, silencing any harsh critical voice and amplifying our Eternal Child Within, and being present, always listening for them to come. And they will come, they do come.

Please remember TROML has nothing to do with me. For whatever reason my sole role is to share this TROML Process that developed within my lifetime experience. It is a process for anyone to apply to their life and develop their own TROML Program. The process turns to program in a uniquely spiritual, mental and emotional manner with wonderful physical consequences. This is not a follower program, this is not do what Anonymous Andy did with his life. That’s why it is done anonymously, within ourselves in a quiet yet effective manner.

We each have a unique TROML Program. In fact you already have one today. This is a tuneup or major overhaul depending on your thoughts, words and actions and the life situation you find yourself in today. Or TROML may be an opportunity for you to share your life experiences to benefit others. 2 640 Aristotle Acorn become Oak withinTROML is an umbrella program that integrates all other programmatic spiritual sources like religion and Twelve Step programs, corporate organizations (work), community and charitable based organizations and entertainment and sports (fun). TROML is the non-programmatic umbrella for all your previous and future programs. It is uniquely you and becomes your spiritual compass in life to your True Self and Eternal Child Within. In this way we find peace, joy and freedom along the way and at our closing breath we can feel, think and say to the Universe and beyond—”thank you for a beautiful life and having the opportunity to live it fully and gracefully, being able to contribute what I was suppose to contribute to this amazing world.”

3 640 Intuition awaken to freedomSo a new Spiritual Principle came to me recently. It might be hogwash to you but to me it meant another step forward in My TROML Program of peace, joy and freedom and living with what I call the Ultimate Love. For me it seems they come after an intense experience where my capabilities are tested and stretch to where I know life as we know it is beyond my control. Maybe it is another step of awareness, surrender or alignment. It’s a beautiful experience that beings immediately a new and different and seemingly higher level of peace, joy and freedom to my life. It’s inspiring to me and more inner power come with it. My course is recharted a bit and recharged. It seems as if living from the inside-out with this newly and properly aligned spiritual compass that there are no limits in life, only those imposed by ourselves and TROML dissolves most of them and all of them with time.

4 640 be fearlessThrough the TROML Process, with our own TROML Program, we can become a spiritual entity in life!

So my latest Spiritual Principle in my own TROML Program, to be added to My TROML Daily Script is:

Shoot, I can’t read the writing I scribbled down in My TROML Journal when it came to me.

LoLiL, Lots of Laughs in Life, here it is:

I will vigilantly challenge my ego within to detect when I am justifying, rationalizing, or denying the truth about myself, others and my life situation. My innate, natural ego protects me and enables me to function in life. But when my ego becomes out of proportion to the earthly task at hand, if I am humble and willing, God with intervene to keep my ego functioning properly and keep me along the spiritual path to peace, joy and freedom, the Ultimate Love.

CLICK here for my newly updated TROML Daily Script- what is yours?

Have a TROML Day today!

Your Personal Revivalist,

Anonymous Andy

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