Feel Your Feelings First, Without Thinking!!!

1 No ThoughtsAt First, Try having Your Feelings with No Thoughts

What is that you say? Try having feelings with no thoughts?

Yes, I tried it this morning upon awakening.

How did I feel?

How did I feel without my thoughts telling me how I felt?

How did I feel without my thoughts, without my mind telling me how I felt?

How did I feel without my thoughts, without my mind and without my ego telling me how I felt?

How did I really feel, not how am I supposed to feel?

2 behind smile is a storyVery strange, yes, but also very effective for me as a way to get in touch with my true feelings, my True Self.

How can I have feelings with no thoughts?

Like this… when, not if, the thoughts come let them go immediately without thinking about them anymore. Focus on other things first, we will get to the thoughts later. Trust me.

What are you feeling?

What does that feeling you are having feel like?



3 heartbeat & breathFocus on your breath.

Keep the feeling but focus on your breath.

Breathe in, then out.

Breathe in, then out.

Breathe in then out…

Keep breathing trying to feel the feeling.

What am I feeling, not what am I supposed to be feeling.

Feel the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Don’t think about it, find it on your chest, your wrist or the carotid vein on your neck.

This isn’t a test, you don’t have to do it perfectly the first time.

Be present and doing your best is the only requirement.

4 How r u Fine with real feelings behindDon’t worry if you can’t find your heartbeat right now.

Focus on feeling that feeling that you awoke with.

It’s okay to skip finding the heartbeat, be thankful your heart doesn’t skip a heartbeat.



Be thankful for this moment of being alive.

Now what was that feeling you awoke with?

5 fear can get over itCan you describe, without thinking, what the feeling of frightened is for you?

For you, not anybody else.

What does it feel like for you to be frightened?

Can you describe it without thinking about it first?

Can you describe it in terms of your own personal experiences in life?

Can you describe it without letting your ego tell you what you are supposed to be feeling like in this moment?

6 accept feelingsRemember we have choices on how to think but we don’t have choices on how we feel.

I choose not to immediately feel the way I think I am supposed to feel.

I am not reenacting my feelings from some movie I saw that made a huge emotional impact on me.

I am not feeling how I think others expect me to feel.

I am going to feel first and explore, delve into that feeling for a moment or two.

Then I am going to accept that feeling as being true for me at this moment of my life.

I feel first.

7 Feeling my FeelingsThen I add what I think happened that is associated with this feeling.

I feel XXX right now when that happened.

Maybe you think you feel the way you do because of the dream you just had?

I usually can remember my dreams when I awake on my own. But if an alarm click goes off to awaken me, poof there goes the recollection of the dream along with my slumber too.

I feel XXX when YYY happened to me…

Then think again, what caused you to feel this way? What happened to you? What did somebody else do to you?

I feel XXX when YYY happened because of ZZZ.

8 get out your feelingsGo one step further and include yourself in this mystery feeling puzzle.

What did you do to cause this feeling? What choices did you make that caused this feeling? Is this feeling an unwanted or wanted result of the consequences of a choice or decision that you made?

Go another step further and include your Higher Power, a God of your understanding, at this moment in your life.

Where was she or He or It in all of this?

Where was your relationship with your Higher Power in all of this?

When I came out of my sugar addiction into recovery where I have been present, clear and alive like never before I learned that I can feel my feelings.

They won’t hurt me in of themselves.

9 era of good feelingsAnother thing I learned in my recovery from sugar addiction is that not only will I feel what society dictates to be negative feelings such as weak, depressed, and frightened; I can and will feel fully the other “good” feelings like joy, being safe and being loved.

I tell you it is a whole new world with TROML, your TROML!

What you feel, what you think, what you say, what you do is all yours to confidently decide with your own TROML program guiding you and you let your personal God (a God of your understanding, which can be a God not one other human being on Earth has or understands or it can be no God at all) and your innate human instincts, senses and the ability to reason life’s challenges out for yourself.

We have choices.

10 make new life with new choicesFeelings are true but not necessarily a call to arms in our life. In fact the worldly reaction to one’s feelings can take you down the wrong road in your life.

Remember it is your life.

Your life to live for the rest of your life. TROML Baby!

Feelings will pass.

Consequences of our choices may not pass for a long time.

Don’t think you have to be perfect.

Don’t think you have to control everything.

Don’t think it is all or nothing.

Don’t judge yourself or anyone else harshly and critically.

11 I have a feeling I am not the only oneAccept people, places, things and situations, at least for this moment, for this day if you have to in order to maintain your serenity.

TROML is one day at a time Baby!

Be compassionate, loving and accepting of yourself for this moment, this day in your life.

Have peace, joy and freedom with your own TROML program.

Try feeling your feelings, at first without thinking.

Then make the best choices or no choice at all today.


Have a TROML Day today!

Your Personal Revivalist,

Anonymous Andy

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